Алиана Устиненко обидела семьи других экс-участников «Дома-2» The Network continues to discuss the personal correspondence of the stars of the reality show. One of the messages Aliana Ustinenko unkind spoke to the sons Guseva and Gazhienko. Irina Agibalova defended his daughter and grandson.

Some time ago in the Network appeared the screenshots of the conversations Aliani Ustinenko with her friends. As it turned out from the interviews, ex-member of the reality show was quite cutting, when discussing former colleagues on the project. It turned out that Aliana negatively expressed in the address of the families of Anton and Olga Guseva, Gazhienko.

“And Gusev, Gazhienko shows that children do not go to the garden. Closed and not as developed as others. Straight seen, especially on Daniel,” wrote the reality star girlfriends.

Irina Agibalova, who learned about the conversation, was surprised. She did not imagine that Aliana would offend children. Known thelebanese denied the words of the ex-colleagues for a reality show.

“These words are complete nonsense. Olya every day deals with Kirill, in his four years, he already reads and considers, ice skating, skiing, two-wheeled Bicycle. The boy is well developed and communicate with peers and with adults on an equal footing. Aliana knows it, she has been our guest. When I saw these messages asked her to call me back, but Aliana first did not respond. And later wrote that she was very ashamed and she’s sorry,” said Irina.

Previously, the Network was discussing a conversation that Aliana argued that just didn’t want to go to a wedding of Sasha Artemov and Eugene Cousin, although they called her to the party. Gobozova wrote to friends about the reasons why not to go on holiday.

“Me Cousin was invited, and do not want to go. There is no gift, no dresses, and just laziness. Don’t even know what to think. In fact I’m not a close friend. Called to the wedding those who have a lot of subscribers, so the noise was more,” wrote Aliana.

But then they managed to resolve the conflict. Artemova took a friend with understanding. Irina gave advice to Golosovoy. According to her, the young woman communicates with unreliable people.

“Supposedly she was framed, and other published correspondence of the former participants is now a problem. I’m sure Aliana really realized that was wrong, and continue to be careful when choosing friends,” said Agibalova in conversation with Dom2life.