Зара рассказала о мучениях на «Фабрике звезд» The singer became the heroine of the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. The leading actress said as she got on “Factory of stars”. Zara also told, in any strict conditions she had to live on the project.
Зара рассказала о мучениях на «Фабрике звезд»

“Star factory” for several years was one of the most popular shows on Russian TV. Zara early in his career was “the” star factory “participant”. She is remembered by the audience as a bright participant of the TV project. The actress said that he was on the show only from the second time.

“I was 22 when I decided to go on “Factory of stars”, I went through all the qualifying rounds. Then one of the judges was Alla Pugacheva. She said that I was so intelligent, right, and it needed energetic. And this project is not for me,” said Zara.

The young singer decided not to risk it and left the last round of the quitrent. However, a year later, recruited new members of the “Factory” led by producer Victor Drobysh. He found Zara and personally asked her to go again casting. “The following year tried again. Had to go through all these cordons… First in Petersburg, then in Moscow. We waited until 6 PM from the leadership of the First channel, who remains on the project,” – shared the singer.

In the end, Zara has become “the” star factory “participant”. The actress says that mom and dad reacted negatively to his daughter’s choice.

“I can honestly say that there was really hard. We talked to the parents for two minutes a day. Someone had depression, but was and creative impulse. Why did I go? Because St. Petersburg was already the edge. And I realized: I need to move on. At first, I was not speaking for the project. I was sitting on a bench in a t-shirt with the words “Factory” and clapped for the other kids who sang on stage. Then it was a strong room with a chorus of Turkish, with Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru. Each output us price was like the last time,” recalled the artist.

After the music project for the young singer opened up new horizons. It is actively being invited to speak at events. Victor Drobysh has written for girls songs that immediately became hits.

“After the “Factory” opened almost every door, there tours, performances for $ 100. We saved, of course, rode the trolley. I was a renter. But it was a good school, which is taught to work with the audience. In this regard, it helped me a lot,” said Zara.

The singer shared that the “star Factory” at that time was necessary. Then the Internet was not so common, and to get on TV or radio was extremely difficult. Therefore, the young talent was eager to get on the show the First channel.