Егор Крид боится ревности мужа Нюши The musician refused to communicate with his ex-fiancee. Egor Krid didn’t want to disturb the happy family life Nyusha. Now the artist is trying to find love, and therefore took part in the reality show.
Егор Крид боится ревности мужа Нюши

March 11 on TNT kicks off the next season of the Dating show “the Bachelor.” This time the beauties from across the country will come to fight for the heart of the young artist Egor creed. A musician with great seriousness to the project and does not exclude that there will be able to meet the right one, which will be included in his life forever.

For his career, the artist has ceased to pay attention to his personal life – he knew it would be difficult to combine a relationship with a crazy tour schedule. Many fans remember his affair with the singer Nyusha. She is now married to Igor Sivov. As it turned out, Yegor did not congratulate ex-fiancee and colleague on such a happy event. He believes that it is not necessary to communicate with the girl, if she has another man.

“It is one thing to congratulate with this event, and quite another to maintain the relationship continuously. If I actively communicated with his ex-girlfriend, for example who is married, her husband would be wild jealousy to me. And why do we all need it? So my answer is — no,” – said Yegor.

Creed told what criteria assesses the girls. It is important for him education companion and its wide horizons. The singer appreciates a good conversation on any topic. He also drew attention to goals and dreams, moreover, it is interesting to communicate is more successful with the ladies than he is.

Yegor did not hide that at first sight realized with any of the girls he can develop a good relationship. However, his parents worried about what their son will soon marry. Creed said in an interview with “7 days” as close relatives reacted to his idea to take part in “the Bachelor.”

“Dad didn’t take it seriously, did not say anything. And my mother immediately began to worry and then you have problems a little more I found… got Involved in the adventure, I worry about you. But understood when I explained that going on the show in order to know yourself better. And I also said to her: don’t worry, I’ll have to check relations with a person outside the project, “the domestics”. Don’t understand couples who go to the Registrar, barely acquainted, and a year later divorced. What’s the point?” – said the musician.