Aliana Gobozova vinyl in-law in the death of his mother

Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери Ex-members of telestroke was found on the transfer of “actually”. Aliana and Alexander had to make peace in front of thousands of viewers. Besides, the young woman was able to Express all of the husband’s mother, Olga, who also passed a lie detector.
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери

In the new issue of “In fact” Dmitry Shepelev staged confrontation for family members Sobotovych. Aliana, Alexander and Olga were tested on a lie detector and found out a number of controversial issues. As found by the polygraph, the husband and wife had behaved dishonestly in relation to each other. The flames poured in-law, who always worked hard and communicated with daughter.

In the beginning, Gobozov stated that it did not wish to return to the spouse. “Now I have nothing to him. Man of 36 years has not changed,” said Aliana, made a mistake in the age of Alexander (He is 34 years – Approx. “StarHit”).

In turn, the man admitted that he still feels attracted to the former beloved. According to Alexander, the wife went to a more successful man, so he immediately asked her about it as soon as he was given the floor. Gobozov heard that his ex-wife got a lot of fans after her participation in a beauty contest. Shepelev said that the ex-participant of the TV project doubts herself.

“I am concerned that around my son can be the other man,” true Gobozov.
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери

The young woman denies that twisted new novel. According to the lie detector, she answered honestly to this question. Another hot topic for discussion between the former spouses, which finally went on may 9, became treason.

“First, it was in my eyes. Secondly, I have suspicions that it continued after we started new life, gone from the project,” said Aliana Gobozova.
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери

However, the woman also does not deny that she had on the side. Shepelev said that stars telestroke “deserve each other”.

A special role in the relations of the couple played Alexander’s mother Olga Vasilievna. When they were on the project, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law repeatedly attacked each other with fists. During the program Shepeleva Sasha remembered that Aliana was accused Olga Gobozova in the death of his mother. The reality TV star strenuously denied this information, but the detector showed that she was lying.

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Broadcast talk-show Olga and Aliana were able to ask each other the most painful issues. Both women were very nervous, but said that between them there is no hatred. According to mother Gobozova, her daughter-in-law often asked to help them with Sasha in the relationship. Olga has always stood up for Aliano in social networks, as she is the mother of her grandson.

Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери “When we were on the project, it was very critical. I was young, I was 18 or 19. It was hard, I made mistakes. After we left, I tried to improve relations, but nothing came of it,” said the ex-wife Sasha.
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери

Gobozova accused the daughter-in-law that she left her husband without a penny. Aliana believes that the wife stripped to the bone. On the contrary, the idea to keep all the young woman and child was made by Alexander himself, so the young mother, by her own admission, not ashamed. Sitting at this time in the hall Sasha chimed in and said that he will zarabotatj for life and ex-wife need the money to keep their son Robert. Alexander Gobozov about divorcing Allianoi: “I left her business and a car”

By the way, Olga is also in conflict with Svetlana Ustinenko, Aliani mother, who died last year from cancer. In the last days of life Gobozova was on duty at the bedside of the sick woman, as the guys were trying to earn money to pay for treatment. Svetlana Ustinenko died after a long illness

“When I prayed, you came to my room and said, “You hate me because your mom’s dead, and I live,” recalled a young woman.
Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери

Mom Gobozova claims that he did not want to kill the woman. According to Irina Agibalova caught in the Studio as a guest, Olga was visited by sorcerers and magicians. She believes that Gobozova could put a spell on Ustinenko. Alexander’s mother said that really appealed to the specialists of such a profile, but with the aim to establish the situation in the family.

Studio guests, among whom was Andrei Chuev, Aliano also asked to answer the question: if she cursed Olga Vasilievna. According to the ex-member telestroke in the house of a young woman always had some books on magic. Robert’s mom answered that it is not. However, the detector called her words a lie. Then Aliana left the seat and went backstage.

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Guests also discussed the issue with the suicide attempt, which some years ago had taken Olga. The woman admitted that the way she manipulated Sasha.

Алиана Гобозова винила свекровь в смерти матери “Yes. It was staged for me, so that my son woke up, because at that time he didn’t hear me. I knelt before him and urged him,” – said Olga.

Later had joined the conference Alexander Gobozov. He took a chair presenter Dmitry Shepelev and entered the fray with the two women, noting that none of them are perfect. “All the nasty things they said to each other, all my fault,” said the former member of the reality show.

At the end of transmission Aliana shook hands with the former husband and mother-in-law, and all three left the Studio. However, according to Shepelev, he did not believe that the family is really made up.