Певец Данко уличил Шепелева в жестоком обмане The actor admitted that the programme presenter did not fulfill the promise. Singer Danko addressed to the editors of the program “actually”, but they came up with various excuses to absolve themselves of the obligation. The man was upset because planned to obtain help for “special” daughter Agatha.
Певец Данко уличил Шепелева в жестоком обмане

A week ago a new program of the First channel “In fact,” there was a singer Danko. The man told the whole country that he suspects the civil wife Natalia treason and wants a DNA test to verify paternity “special” daughter Agatha. For many fans these words were a real shock, because everyone knows about how he loves the baby and tries to do everything to prolong life and restore health. However, Danko admitted that he actually agreed to take part in the show just for the sake of the child.

A DNA test revealed the truth about his father’s “special” daughter Danko

“I called, began to persuade, and promised to support my Agatio. We were shooting the pilot with my mom, and for the programme editors wanted to see in the video. She long refused, but then reluctantly agreed. She is soon to go with the child to Anapa, so she got dropped by 150 thousand rubles. It did to be honest. But Natasha is a separate person. I also needed to give a credit card number to help daughter,” admitted “StarHit” artist.

However, in the course of the entire program and not have the appeal that people could transfer money for treatment. The man admitted that he is very frustrated at the situation, because he was willing to cheat in order to help youngest daughter.

“I didn’t want to raise the hype with cheating, I hate this situation. After the program I received a lot of negative comments in which I was accused that I was asked to make genetic examination. I in return promised to help, but for the sake of your own child will do anything, anything,” – said Danko.

During the show the musician has stated that civilian suspects wife of infidelity with the Swiss millionaire. Now, however, the actor admitted that the whole story is nothing more than fiction. According to him, the fiancee did not go to a European country. Moreover, the actor revealed the secret that initially discussed with him a script, and before the shooting was given another. Danko accuses wife of infidelity

The singer could not imagine that the editors who promised to help, so it will fail. He did not sign a contract because believe their word. However, on the request Danko to fulfill their promises, the programme team came up with various excuses.

“For two weeks, they become close friends, soul like. I treated them like human beings, can’t stop believing others. Especially when you promises the First channel. But now I learned the hard way,” says Danko.

Despite the fact that the artist is familiar with the host of the show Dmitry Shepelev, he didn’t share with him the current situation. The singer realizes that the man is just an employee and does not solve organizational issues. The mother of the musician, who also participated in the filming of the program, supports him and assures that things will get better soon. However, a friend Danko Yana Poplavskaya admitted that he sought the help of agate in one of the funds. The man was stunned when he found out that he was denied after the airing of the controversial show.