Aliana Gobozova teases fans outright the

Алиана Гобозова дразнит поклонников откровенным снимком The star of “House-2” tried on allure. Aliana Gobozova posing in a black bikini, posing a fatal beauty. Chiseled figure and endless legs former participant reality show “House-2” made a lasting impression on her fans.

      The former participant of “House-2” Aliana Gobozova and after quite a long time after leaving the project continues to hold interest to the person. For the life of Aliana and her family on Instagram following a million subscribers.

      And the reality star is trying not to disappoint them, often posting pictures and telling about yourself. New photo Aliani Golosovoy made a lasting impression on her fans. Bright brunette try on the seductive image of a fatal beauty. Aliana poses in a daring black bikini. The camera captures her from below, as a rule, such a perspective is often considered not very good, as does visually enlarges the shape. But not in the case of Golosovoy. Frame only underscores how magnificently proportioned girl. And shows off her endlessly long slim legs. Provocative outfit gives a bright makeover, and a proudly raised head Aliani.

      “Whatever happens — stood up, raised his head and went! Sweet dreams, everyone,” commented the ex-participant of “House-2” on your shot.

      Followers Eliany Golosovoy immediately hastened to make her compliments. “Beautiful figure!”, “Alinochka, very beautiful. I love you!”, “After the birth you still have a stomach?”, – photo comments fans.

      It should be noted that after leaving the project “Dom-2” Aliana Gobozova with her husband, Alexander started his own business, selling drinks for weight loss. Aliana and she uses this product, claiming that it helped her to achieve such a phenomenal harmony. And not so long ago, Gobozova pleased their fans with great news – they return to “the House-2” as the leading. “From the 7th Oct at 9:00 on TNT will go morning show “House-2 LIVE”. We will conduct a live broadcast. Would be very cool. Don’t miss” – said Aliana Gobozova fans in the beginning of last week.

      It is worth Recalling that the path to finding happiness the couple former members of “House-2” was very thorny. While Aliana and Sasha lived on the site of the project, they always found a reason to quarrel. It came even before the divorce. Gobozov officially divorced in April 2015. However, already in summer, when they both left the project, their relationship became warmer. Aliana and Sasha were vacationing in the Dominican Republic, where he took the decision to once again become husband and wife.

      Second wedding of the ex-participants “House-2” was held in January of this year. Aliana and Alexander Gobozov married

      Aliana Gobozov admitted that the first time married Alexander Gobozova unconsciously. Re the decision to start a family, according to Aliani, they were both taken with a cool head.