Daughter of Michael Jackson Paris reconciled with his mother due to her illness

Дочь Майкла Джексона Пэрис помирилась с мамой из-за ее болезни Daughter of the deceased king of pop for a long time not been in contact with a relative. She ignored meeting her until then, they don’t put the deadly diagnosis.

      Дочь Майкла Джексона Пэрис помирилась с мамой из-за ее болезни

      On his page in the social network Paris Jackson shared a touching photo with mom Debbie Rowe. She’s going through a difficult period in life, undergoing chemotherapy. Many of the subscribers were probably budivelny this picture, because the daughter of Michael Jackson is not communicated with the parent for more than two years and not even tried to contact her. The reason for the “boycott” was the desire Debbie to marry the Manager of a deceased artist Mark Safely. Paris, this idea seemed humiliating, because she felt that it offends her sensibilities and bright the memory of his father.

      It should be noted that Rowe was not able to fulfill his plan, because even then she had health problems. But she managed to recover quickly and she agreed to the engagement. This act did not cause the approval of the daughter and she decided not to contact the mother.

      Daughter of Michael Jackson is planning to get married in spite of family

      Fans of the girls then divided into two camps. Many did not support Paris and asked her immediately to make up with Debbie. This summer, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she immediately went to her to support. The guilt she felt in that moment when I learned about the health of the mother, not from her personally and from the news media. Realizing that nothing good will come of it, she immediately contacted her. 18-year-old Paris decided to make peace and maintain the closest person. On his page in Instagram it is considered senseless to hide their warm relations and has published a photo, which was signed: “I’m a fighter, because she (the mother), the fighter!”.

      Recall that Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were married for only three years in the late 90s. Soon, between them there was a conflict, which led to divorce. For several years, the pop singer took care of the children Rowe. All this time she had the opportunity to see the children constantly, she only occasionally visited them. After the death of Jackson’s children were his mother Catherine. It is obvious that family problems impact on the psyche of children, so they painfully took the wedding biological mother. Now, however, the successor artist is struggling to help her mother cope with illness.