Aliana Gobozova first talked about the pain after my mom died

Алиана Гобозова впервые заговорила о боли после смерти мамы

The former participant “Houses-2” can not come to terms with the loss of a loved person. Aliana Gobozova buried his mother spoke of the intolerable pain she is experiencing now.

One of the brightest former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Aliana Gobozova a week ago buried his beloved mother. Svetlana Ustinenko, who also visited the telestroke and to win the love of fans, died on October 14 after a long illness.

Aliana Gobozova a few days did not communicate with the subscribers of his microblog, and finally broke the silence to share their feelings about the care of a loved one. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has published a heartfelt post that it is impossible to read without tears.

“How to come back to life, I don’t know. Probably, God knows for what and why… Sad, lonely, empty soul If not for my robic, the next would lay all. But he’s my little engine in life. To leave him I can’t, I’m his mother, and he is also afraid to be without me. Thank you for your compassion and words of support. Like a warm spark in the heart. Thank you so much. Comforting the idea that mom is no longer suffering and not suffering from this terrible and ugly disease. I believe the mom next to me, I believe that she is well and easily there, every day I help her by your prayers and alms to the needy. I will do everything to make it proud of me and not worried about me… She’s my angel,” wrote Aliana Gobozova.

Recall that the diagnosis of “glioblastoma of the brain” Svetlana Ustinenko was delivered in the fall of 2014. In the hospital the young woman was taken directly from the site of “House-2”. Two years Svetlana was struggling with a terrible disease, all the while next to her was her family, who hoped to the last that she can overcome cancer. Svetlana Ustinenko was only 48 years old…