Robin Williams was awarded a military award

Робину Уильямсу вручили военную награду

Suicide in 2014 actor Robin Williams was awarded an honorary military award of the USA — Angel Harvey Heartof a Patriot Award.

The award ceremony took place on 22 October. Took her the widow of actor Susan Schneider. Susan commented on the award and noted that her husband would be extremely proud of this honor: “He was always a patriot. I can’t imagine a more appropriate award for him. He would be happy to get it, especially in front of all of you. At heart he was a warrior. Although the most difficult battle was the struggle with himself. I think he would like me to be here today with you to put on a beautiful dress and felt your love.”

Help: Angel Harvey Heartof a Patriot Award honors people for leisure time of servicemen in the country and abroad.

United service organizations armed forces (USO) was founded in 1941. Its aim was to support the soldiers of the Second world war, namely, concerts, soldiers were visiting movie stars and scenes, etc.