Дочь миллиардера ответит перед ректором МГИМО за «Рашку»

Because of a post on the social network 22-year-old student of the University Elina Bagaeva called to the rector.

This story is about the fact that in this age of technology need to be very careful in the statements. Who knows what the result of your opinion about the country in which you live...

The daughter of the President “Groups the Alliance” Musa Bagaeva Elina married the son of the owner of the company Dorchester Finance and Alima Cosmetics Bekhan Mamakayev in Monte Carlo, and then went on honeymoon to America (see photo HERE). Despite the immersion in family life, she scored the social network and actively communicated with friends and followers in the profile ask.fm…

So, the question “which is better, USA or Raschke?” Elina replied, “Anywhere is better than Raschke”.

In General, he said, and did not think that her answer can reach the representatives of the State Duma, in particular, the Deputy Vitaly Milonov. He rather sharply commented on her statement.

“Her legs should not be in the foreign Ministry. It should work not like people rich dad back stuffed for money or Dating. And people who ideologically are ready to defend the interests of our country. Not to sit somewhere abroad, and lips pump up, and clothes expensive to buy. Diplomats have to protect our Homeland. Bagaevoy there is no place! She can now transfer to the Institute of cosmetology or become a manicurist-pedikuleza – said Milonov, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Because according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs so people can not work, there should be a ban on the profession. Just a shame that such people come to the Ministry and they are prepared to work there.”

While the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov, the radio station “Moscow speaking” reported that her Bagaevoy personally, immediately upon her arrival in the capital.

“We ask her what she meant. Because I do not understand. This is stupid,” said Anatoly Torkunov.

Elina meanwhile, reported the same profile in ask. fm that her words were taken out of context. In fact, she never said anything bad about Russia, and under the response, which is now all discussing meant bad weather and long traffic jams. However, currently the website is blocked or removed. Also, the girl has closed his account in Instagram.