Алексей Самсонов рассекретил имя новорожденного сына Yesterday morning, the former participant of “House-2” became a father for the second time. Wife gave birth to a male heir. Samsonov accepts congratulations from loved ones and preparing to pick a favorite from the hospital.

      On the eve of the former star of telestroke Alexey Samsonov could not hide the joy, beloved Julia gave him a son. Young mom and baby are both doing fine and are still in the perinatal center the heading. The boy was born strong: the height is 53 cm and a weight of 3710 grams.

      All day happy family received congratulations from friends and relatives, and followers in Instagram. Fans wondered how a child named. Alex decided not to torment the followers has declassified the name of the newborn.

      “Meet Miron Alekseevich. Resting” – succinctly, he signed his first photo with son a new father.

      Followers immediately proceeded to congratulate young parents and appreciated their choice. “Myron – how beautiful! What does the name mean? Probably a lot of sense there. Congratulations from the whole family! Children is happiness! You will be wonderful parents. Of love”, “On the project, like, scandal, after, too, could not live in peace… a joy to receive such news. Now that’s another matter. Yes, and name such a beautiful child chose – well done” “Oh, me too son name. They say all Myrony good and happy people!” – leave comments netizens.

      By the way, the child was born in due time. Seven days ago, a pregnant Julia posted in Instagram post with a story about Valenii before the big day. “Prepare according to instructions. Doctors advise to take to the hospital with a toy, which solves the problem of restless sleep newborn. You lie with the baby and listening to lullabies bears Lou. Every detail is important, because there was a week,” explained the wife of Samson.

      Interestingly, former members of “House-2” did not hide the good news from the public, and even, on the contrary, regularly shares photos and stories about how the pregnancy of Yulia. Many noted that after leaving the TV show in 2015, young people become wiser, calmer and kinder refers to each other.

      Recall that for women this child was the first, but Alexei has a son. Nikita lives with his mother at the home of his father – in Volgograd. The baby was born, when Samsonov was not yet eighteen years old.