Elena Valyushkina openly talked about the divorce

Елена Валюшкина откровенно рассказала о разводе The movie star explained that she had separated from her husband in dignity: without scandals, mutual complaints and grievances. In addition, she even celebrated with this event in the restaurant. Now Valyushkina enjoying a relationship with a foreigner.

      Despite 20 years of marriage, the relationship Elena Valyushkina and Alexander Yatsko made a crack. The couple divorced and all his spare time devoted himself and his career. However, the details of the breakup for a long time none of them was never released. Some time ago Elena openly talked about how was the process of breaking.

      “The restaurant was going with all friends. Solemnly, with music shared friends. I have more. More we had nothing to share. Exchanged rings. He told me his, I gave him mine. Thrown out into the snow,” explained the actress.

      The actress experienced a short time and admitted he was not going to be alone. Moreover, it is open to a new relationship. “We announce a casting. Free cash! I’m married – no. Only at free. I am a young, beautiful, smart, talented… Why me old, right? Have to earn a lot more than I do. Just like this. Even with children, I also with children. I have two. Please with children, or maybe grandchildren,” he answered the questions of the program “You wouldn’t believe” movie star “Kiss!”

      Apparently, the interview was recorded just before Valyushkina flew to Brazil, because that is where she met a new boyfriend. Choice actress – local architect Richard. They met under unusual circumstances.

      “Rented a car to go see their famous Sugar loaf mountain. But the car stalled. Had to ask passing drivers for help. Stopped the car, got out a tall man. Said in English: “I’m Richard. Help you?” He called a tow truck. When they took my car, offered to bring me to the famous mountain…” – said “StarHit” Valyushkina.

      After this meeting, they could not leave for several days: a young man was showing a woman the most beautiful and exotic places. On arrival back the star remained in touch with his half. The woman and her partner has called, texted, exchanged surprises.

      “Once he said: “You love useful gifts, and I give you the most unnecessary thing in the economy – an island in the Indian ocean,” He inherited his grandfather’s second cousin. A gift I did not accept,” admitted the star. Despite the refusal, the lovers continued to communicate and even planned a joint trip to other countries.