Julian Assange drink Pamela Anderson

Джулиан Ассанж напоил Памелу Андерсон

What happens between Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson? Recently the famous “Malibu lifeguard” noticed leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy where he’s staying with international criminal. The actress was drunk in every sense of the word – happy and obviously drunk Pamela smiled happily, sitting in a taxi.

Over the past few months, Anderson increasingly comes to visit his friend. By a happy coincidence both he and she are already free people, so you can afford the novel. Moreover, as Julian himself has admitted in his sympathy for Pamela.
February 28 superblondinka American television lit at the party SushiSamba X Cool Earth Carnival Party in London, where she arrived straight from the Embassy of Ecuador. Pamela just say that it came from the ship to the ball.
“I must apologize, I’m not in the best mood right now. I just spent three hours with Julian Assange” Anderson said, and added that her political and social activities sometimes makes her depressed and upset because what’s going on in the world. The truth is, the actress didn’t look so upset that night, and even naobrot.
I must say that Pamela often says Assange in interviews. So, during a recent talk show, she admitted that she was in contact with Julian a lot more than with her former husband Rick Salomon. Andrew, to be continued..