Алексей Панин спас свою машину The actor was able to keep the property. Alexey Panin on the dispute gave up Smoking for a month. To have had no temptation to break away and reach for a cigarette, he promised that if you give your car.
Алексей Панин спас свою машину

In the winter scandalously famous actor Alexey Papin decided to put the experiment on himself – he wanted to know if I can abandon bad habits in a month. For 30 days the actor was not supposed to touch the cigarettes. In order that he not be tempted to go off the track, Alex bet your car – if you smoke, you will lose your vehicle.

Now he can be proud that he refused the addiction, and he did save the property.

“Panin successfully completed the experiment, – said one of the organizers of the project “#Brazauskas”. – He successfully passed two tests, and therefore coped with the task. Alex agreed to take part in the marathon, because for him it was a challenge to myself. As he said, when we invited him to participate, perhaps someone it example can also inspire cessation of Smoking”.
Алексей Панин спас свою машину

Less than two years ago, the actor changed the old car for a new model. He did not limit themselves in means sold end-of-century car and took the one which had long dreamed of. Panin admitted that he had to pay about half a million rubles. He always liked the BMW X5, and once even had such a model, however he was forced to part with it. Once the artist has the opportunity, the man did not hesitate to back to the car of their dreams.

Not so long ago it became known that Alexei had accumulated a decent amount of penalties for violation of traffic rules. “Alesha has been a difficult period – said “StarHit” Vladimir, a friend of a celebrity. First ex-wife Julia tried to take his daughter NUS, followed by a girl Olga broke up… the nerves, and pressed on the gas pedal. And the movement we have is: the tube a hold of him, and then he rushes at full speed, you just don’t notice the signs. Has accumulated more than 100 receipts. I hope he will soon repay the debt. Still constantly involved in new projects, the money is found”.

Alexey Panin owe traffic police 250 thousand rubles

Moreover, due to outstanding debt to the man forbidden to leave Russia. However, now the man is in Italy. Apparently, it was out of the country. The daughter of Alexei, the NUS said in the social network that her dad was not deprived of a driving licence.