В Сети обсуждают радикальные кадровые изменения в «ВИА Гре» According to rumors, Konstantin Meladze is going to say goodbye to one of the members of the popular group. That was the reason for the decision of the producer is unknown. Representatives of the team has not yet made any official statements.

As it became known to journalists from sources close to the group “VIA Gra”, one of the singers is going to leave the team. We are talking about a 27-year-old Natalia Mogilenets, better known as Misha Romanova.

When the singer is going to break up with his colleagues, is not specified. In the press suggest that the girl is going to continue to make music, developing solo Carter. While the wards of Konstantin Meladze not in a hurry to make an announcement about personnel changes.

Fans of “VIA gra” are actively discussing the news that Romanov is going to begin a new stage in life. Fans don’t believe the veracity of the information received wide publicity. They encourage others to focus on the information coming from official sources.

However, a number of fans believed that the group could leave Eric Herceg. According to one of the fans, the blonde plans to do with cryptocurrency. About it told the girl during one of the live broadcasts. Anyway, users of social networking are sure – Herceg may change his mind.

Recently, representatives of “VIA gra” intrigued the public, urging them to follow the page in “Vkontakte”. It is reported that from 19 to 25 March fans of girls waiting for some news. Maybe it will be about a casting call hosted by Konstantin Meladze in social networks. The representatives of the producer appealed to talented young people hoping to start a career in show business.

“If you are talented and charismatic, have a good vocal, if you are 20-25 and your page in Instagram open, then you have a chance to be seen under the hashtag #хочувMeladzeMusic and perhaps become an artist of Konstantin Meladze”, – stated in the post.

We add that the rumors about the departure of Misha Romanova of “VIA gra” does not appear first time. In 2014 it was said that beauty is not on good terms with other members of the group, Anastasiya Kozhevnikova and Erika Herceg. However, the Director of the team, like “Today,” denied the rumors about the differences between artists. “Misha is a lovely, delicate, thin girl. Girls in “VIA GRE” know how to listen to each other, work in teams and stellar manners they have,” – said the representative of the wards Meladze.