Алексей Панин: «Бузовой все завидуют!» The actor spoke about the singer in an interview with Rustam Solntsev. The star of “House-2” brought Alexei Panin on straight talk. The controversial artist commented on the modern stage, but paid special attention to the creativity of leading famous electroni.
Алексей Панин: «Бузовой все завидуют!»

The last six months the name of Olga Buzova many haunted. Career leading TV project “Dom-2” after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov went to the mountain: a girl that’s released a music album and arrange a recital. This rise colleagues has become the most discussed topic for the last time. The celebrities were divided into two camps: some of the stars he admires Buzova, someone openly despises and allows you to let go of her caustic remarks.

Couldn’t stay away and the scandalous actor Alexei Panin. In an interview with the showman Rustam Solntsev he expressed everything he thinks about the bright brunette.

“I thought a lot about the fact that she sang. On Instagram I often get message in the “Direkt” that we sang – the fans send. I will say this. I have in my life because of their stupidity, youthful maximalism and the fool more than once allowed himself to publicly speak to the different people. And I regret it, because I understand that normal adults before to say something, I think, as I then thought. At the time, insulted Timothy, then publicly apologized for it. I am ashamed that I acted like that!” the singer confessed.

Alexey Panin does not negate the fact that far from music. However, this does not prevent him to evaluate how the presenter realizes himself as a singer.

“As for Buzova, I her work, to be honest, not interested, but I can say one thing: if a person gets a thrill from what he does, let him does what he wants, says Panin. To condemn and criticize it, I will not, and to examine her vocal. Moreover, I am sure of its success all jealous. Envy in silence, gentlemen!

Olya successful man found himself. Don’t be too serious about this, to discuss what she’s a singer. Yes, it is clear that no. So what? We have half of the singers voice, not, it does not prevent them to sing. Now Olga is one of them. It all alone? You can, incidentally, to write something with her, I already have experience: Sati Casanova sang a duet”.

Summarized Rustam said the actor. “Olga, if you didn’t report: he is your fan, – said the sun. – This video was specially for you, we were not prepared and recorded from the heart. Alex for pasta arrived at the restaurant, and here I am. Our respect to you!”