Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного Actress night ran away from my future husband. Margarita Terekhova was unable to forgive who adored her documentary filmmaker Alexei Gabrilovich. For girls, who came to Moscow from province, it was a chance to marry into a famous family, but she chose not to use them.
Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного

August 25 one of the most beautiful and striking Actresses of the Soviet cinema Margarita Terekhova celebrated its anniversary. The star of Andrei Tarkovsky’s films was 75 years old. In honor of the birthday of the artist the First channel showed a documentary film “Margarita Terekhova. One in Wonderland,” which included previously unknown facts of personal biography of the actress.

Margarita Terekhova as a student last year at the school-Studio at the Mossovet theatre, could very well marry and to intermarry with the capital of the famous family. Any other girl who came to Moscow from the provinces, would use this chance. But this was not Terekhova. She was unable to forgive fiance, raised her hand. Moreover, about this affair with documentary filmmaker Aleksei Gabrilovich she never said in any interview. Wanted to erase the memory of that story. Gorgeous my Lady: Margarita Terekhova celebrates anniversary

Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного
Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного“Alexey Gabrilovich was madly in love with Rita, – told in the film, a friend and classmate Margarita Terekhova Natalya Verova. – She lived in the house of Gabrilovica, and it is all treated very well as a future wife. We had dinner once, the three of us, and he said to her: Rita, you know what, when one is in love? This is when sitting next to the woman, and she always wants to touch. Rita, I’m with you nowhere I will go because I always want to touch you”.
Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного

It would seem that Aleksei Gabrilovich was the perfect groom to come. From a prominent family, his father Evgeniy Gabrilovich is a playwright, writer. Alexey – Director, six years older than Margaret, so more experienced, wiser. The kind of man she had dreamed. But it happened irreparable – Gabrilovich raised his hand to his girlfriend.

Подруга Тереховой рассказала о рукоприкладстве ее возлюбленного“What they have there night happened, I don’t know,’ says the friend Terekhova Natalia Verova. But she ran out of the house it was to go she was nowhere, and she came to us. It was two in the morning. Terrible cold, the rain poured. Some time she spent in the hallway, until he turned into an icicle. And I remember how I woke up my mother and said, move over, Rita came… Alex then broke the spear, you have no idea what he did to get her back, but she could not understand and forgive”.

As if ironically, in 1972 Margarita Terekhova took part in the film “Monologue” scenario of father Alexis, brilliantly playing a young woman from the Moscow pedigree of the family with which she had once almost married.