Алексей Чадов отпраздновал день рождения сына в экстравагантном костюме
Theodore was two years old.

Alexey Chadov with his son Fedor

Photo: Instagram

Son Of Agnes
Ditkovskite, and Alexei Chadova to Fedor yesterday was two years old. As in the past
year, toddler expect two holidays: from mom and from dad. Indeed, despite the fact,
that the couple decided to leave, both parents are doing everything they can
so son was happy. Alex has told how he spent time with Fyodor
the day of his birth. The actor gave to the child a celebration of the pirate. He’s not
only hired for Vanya animator, but he put on a pirate costume and participated
all games and competitions with the boy. The kid, of course, was in
love it. Well, a little later, Fedenka celebrate a birthday with grandma and
mom who also, as always, prepare for the son and grandson enchanting holiday.

Agniya times
emphasized how important it is for the child to interact closely with both parents,
even if they broke up. The result of this approach, Fyodor does not suffer from
the lack in his life, no father, no mother.

And her mom
actress Tatyana lutaeva sure that Fedor grows and develops harmoniously,
because this has all conditions.

“And dad, and mom for Fedi created all
conditions to make the boy feel comfortable, says lutaeva. — We have
the house there is a Playground, and a lot of educational games. Fedya all just
love. Mom had even space communications. Fyodor looks at her, kisses,
stroking. With me he starts dancing and “raskolbas”. I see that Agnes
all coming and coming a feeling of motherhood, she has finally entered the
it is the mainstream. She wants as much as possible to be with the baby she receives from
this fun. A nanny gives you the weekend.”

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