Волочкова без белья случайно затмила на свадьбе невесту

The dancer was given in marriage to an assistant, but again drew all the attention on himself.

For the wedding of her assistant Katie star has come in delicate turquoise dress with semi-sheer panels at the chest, waist and no underwear…

Outrageous our ballerina can only be compared with Lady Gaga, each publication causes a storm of emotions!

On the weekends Anastasia walked at a wedding and, of course, told about it to his followers.

“Went for a walk and have tamed…” – signed Volochkova photo, which keeps on a leash with the tiger. This is the wedding! Before the pigeons were released, and now tigers… As it turns out, the beast was not alone there. The smaller cub named Mimi carried the rings to the newlyweds! It is not surprising that this wedding stopped even the reporter of the channel “Russia 1” and made a movie about the triumph.

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But the main event of the evening was still not wild animals, and the ballerina outfit. Volochkova, a lover of dresses to the floor, and this time itself has not changed. But could not the Anastasia to wear the outfit without raisins. Of course not. On the dress were the sheer panels at the bust and waist, and underneath was not underwear… Here the followers of the stars was divided into two camps.

Some Cindy scolded: “still x-rayed! Bra, then what came up?”

While others admired: “Without underwear you are beautiful!”

Oh, Nastya, all because you didn’t see how the situations turns out Kim Kardashian using scissors and Scotch tape! By the way, correspondents Woman’s Day have repeated this experience and took a master class on how to seal the chest with duct tape, so the clothes did not spoil the image! Video see the link below.

Dancing wedding!! @therivercafe_moscow #followme #instagram #wedding

Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) Jun 5 2016 12:26 PDT

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