Роберт Инглунд: чего боится Фредди Крюгер?
The star of “Nightmare on elm street” celebrates its birthday.

Роберт Инглунд: чего боится Фредди Крюгер?

Robert Englund

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of the most famous magazines – Robert Englund, in fact, according to
his friends, dear people. As he admitted once the actor who played creepy
the monster, which was the children in the nightmares, he himself in his childhood suffered from the same
endlessly repeated bad dream. He dreamt of a girl-killer from the movie
“Bad blood”. The fact that he is still
a child one day, by mistake got on a serious session in the movie, and seen so
shocked him, that he many years after that cautiously avoided the girls with
hair styled in “ponytails”. And when he grew up and learned to
the actor, his childhood nightmare was replaced by “adults”. But he dreamed not
monsters – Poor Robert saw in a dream
himself on the theatre stage in a play, where every time he completely forgot all
your role…

“Nightmare on elm street he managed to play in as many as four extra dozen
movies! And, to Freddy, Englund offered exclusively as a positive,
quiet and unassuming characters. Special glory and they did not bring him. But playing
Kruger, he immediately and forever entered the history of cinema. No wonder he became the fortieth to the honorable
the list of 100 most famous magazines of all time.

Freddy Krueger

Photo: Kinopoisk

name Oslund got Robert from my dad – the engineer-Lockheed. And in childhood,
playing 12 years in the school theater, he did not even think about the career of the star of the film
the horrors that were opened to him after Freddie. He dreamed of playing on stage
Chekhov. And won the popularity of the hero of pop culture have not always been pleased
Of Englund. He frowned for quite a long time, when he was out on the streets shouting
him: “Hey, Freddie, we are not afraid of you!”

eventually he resigned. And enjoyed playing Kruger even as much as seven times:
five sequels to “a Nightmare on elm street… and
in three films – “Freddy’s dead: the final nightmare” (1991), “a Nightmare from
Wes Craven”(1994) and “Freddy vs. Jason”(2003).

All in all, he starred in seven and a half dozen
movies. And four more television series, including “Supernatural” and
“Charmed.” And although Robert is celebrating his 69th birthday
he’s not going until retirement. Last year the screens out as many as four
of the film with his participation, not counting a couple of episodes in the two series. And this year
he has already managed to star in the “Night world” and “Midnight man”. And both movies,
of course, horror movies.

as for the personal life of the actor, it was formed peacefully and without
any nightmares. Thirty years ago he quietly divorced his first
wife – actress Elizabeth Gardner. And a few years later married someone else –
Nancy Booth, with her, and he still lives.

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