Alexei Vorobyov: “I’m to be a father”

Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом» Popular actor and Director explained why thinking about children. As it turned out, Alexei Vorobyov, not only hopes in the coming years to create a full family, but already knows exactly how it will educate heirs. The musician is a series of rules that he wants to apply in this difficult matter.

      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»

      28-year-old author, inspirer and ideologist of the online project “Sport in the people” Alexey Vorobyov was invited “StarHit” the unique event that took place within the walls of the club TESLA 4000. Lately the actor and musician not only provides an opportunity for everyone to engage in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but also helps the development of sport for people with disabilities. This day has officially presented his project “Sport in the people” held a press-conference, awarded the prize-winners and has delighted guests with its music. And in a break when the artist allowed himself to be distracted by your favorite strawberry smoothie, “StarHit” to keep him company and learned a little more about one of the most enviable grooms of the country.

      As it turned out, among other tasks that a musician have set ourselves for the future, is the birth of an heir. Alexey Vorobyov was pleasantly surprised with “StarHit” their arguments about the upbringing of the child, shared the intricacies of the compensation and recalled the difficult moments of childhood that changed his life.

      I bet you’ve often said that in your 28 years it is time to think about family, about children…
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»I, like any man, and he begins on the subject to ponder. I know that it will come in my life.
      So, I feel that it’s time?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»I grew up in a big family, always wanted kids, and was sure that I would. Don’t know how and when such things are meaningless to plan. I just feel like my life is coming soon.—
      And you’re somehow prepared?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»I’m ready for a long time. And, by the way, here in my project “Sport to the people”, I used a principle that I will necessarily apply in the upbringing of children is the reward system.

      Tell me more.
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»If a person wants to achieve, he needs to do something. Their child I’ll never let anything just, that is he will receive a base minimum, and then himself. Want to play soccer you need cleats, a soccer ball, uniforms, Shin guards… for Example, would come to me and say, “dad, I want these new shoes, they are the coolest, most comfortable”. I will tell him: “Well “precisey” me 30 times on one leg, please.” If he can do it, then get new shoes, I can not – will go on to train, and when “procircuit” you’ll get it. This system implies that a person starts working for your success since childhood. So it was with me.
      And if it’s a daughter? To her, these rules also will apply?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»If my daughter… Hard to say. Generally, I think that girl to spoil much easier than a boy. Here, too, everything depends on the person and what the child wants, because daughters are more complicated, of course. But I am convinced that this system always works.—
      I see that you had it all planned for the years ahead. Then tell me, what’d be your heirs. Here for daughter, what book would that be? The choreography?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»I think that the child himself should choose and do what he is the soul. Just so, following intuition, and you can unleash your real talent. A place in my life only realizing his true destiny.

      For anybody not a secret that sport plays a big role in your life. How it all began have you? Have nothing to reproach parents?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»They did everything right. In my life sport came when I was four years old. My parents decided that I should do and sent me to a school trampoline. At first I jumped on the trampoline, then began to play football. Just at that time I had identified for myself the rule of “90 minutes”.

      What is the rule?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»90 minutes and another two, which adds the judge, changing everything on the football field. And when wagered 89, and you lose the match and the last minute when the whole team runs forward, makes a breakthrough, realizing that another chance will not – it changes everything. So in our lives every day – these are the “90 minutes”… it doesn’t Matter what happened before, because every time you start over, to make a breakthrough and win in the end.—
      But why football?
      Алексей Воробьев: «Я готовлюсь стать отцом»This is not just a sport in which there is a timing. The game involves constant communication, communication with the team. For example, in tennis all depends on you – great, right? People did not communicate with anyone, doing everything for yourself. I think the person needs to be able to communicate, you must be part of the same mechanism. Even if all hope for you, and you’re the engine of this team, still dependent on others. That is in addition to games on the pitch you should aim to communicate with people and be friends with them or sometimes fight them. So football for me was a huge school of life, and since it all started for my son, and there is the child himself will decide.—
      Have a favorite form and how much you’re willing to pay for new shoes?
      Now I can afford to spare the money for it. Sometimes I stop in the store and happy to buy new uniforms, shoes… you Know, it’s kind of compensation – I fill in the gaps that were in childhood, when parents could not afford it we buy. At the time my main dream about the Christmas gift was shoes. Parents to buy them couldn’t,and I played football for Tula youth team in sneakers. And when during the match it rained, the coach did not let me in, and I had to sit on the bench – sneakers slip on the grass… I was very worried, and the parents knew it… So when 11 years old in the New year I received from Santa Claus brand new football boots, it was a real miracle! And now I understand what parents it was worth…