Dmitry Shepelev boasted generosity of Plato

Дмитрий Шепелев похвастался великодушием Платона The presenter spends all his free time with a three year old son. Dmitry Shepelev entertains baby in the fresh air. Fans happy to see sports with his father’s heir.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev showed his followers on Twitter, as he rests with a three year old son Plato. At the weekend the man decided to spend time in the fresh air. As entertainment they chose sledding. However, the presenter also had the chance to return to childhood.

      “Finally it is my turn. Have a good weekend,” wrote Shepelev in the microblog and published a photo in which a boy carries a sled my dad.

      Subscribers once again was touched that Dmitri is having a great time with the heir. They were glad that father and son never get bored together. “The best father in the world! Dmitry, great happiness to you Plato! Live as you see fit for you and your son. It’s your life and only you can decide how to live and what to do! pay no attention to the dirt in which you were involved “some individuals”. You have done a great job, Dmitry!”, “Have a good weekend with your son! Enjoy every minute with him! I wish you happiness!”, “Dmitry, you are just fine! You clever! In Plato the best dad in the world!” – I wrote to the followers of the account of the presenter of the First channel.

      Recently Dmitry Shepelev published a book about his dead beloved Jeanne Friske. In the literary heritage he told about the last years of singer’s life, and the goal of his work is to help people confronted with the terrible illness of a loved one.

      However, the man did not stop only on printed version of his memoirs. He admitted that he discussed the creation of a documentary about Jeanne Friske and even discussed with her the idea. However, Shepelev cannot produce a picture in hire.

      “Together with the crew we came all the path that was Jeanne during treatment. Visited Hamburg, Oncology center on Kashirka street, Los Angeles, in new York. But we don’t have time to do the main thing – not recorded interview with the main character. And without it, the film can’t leave,” said Shepelev.

      However, the memories described in the book of Dmitry, angered relatives of Jeanne Friske. Her parents and sister flatly refused to read the work of Shepelev, believing that man has distorted the facts. In response, Vladimir Borisovich had the courage to write the book, in which he will set out his version of what happened. Relatives of the singer are outraged that Dmitry does not give them the freedom to see three-year-old Plato.