Alexander Vasilyev: “Anna Netrebko should look like a Queen”

Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»
Expert “7D” is not afraid to point out the errors of the world Opera star and her husband.

Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»

Alexander Vasilyev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Closet outstanding Opera singer Anna Netrebko, our expert already dismantled. But since then much water has flowed. The star married fellow singer Yusif Eyvazov. What advice willing to give this striking pair of Alexander Vasilyev?

“On the Internet style of Anna was much discussion, — begins the story the historian of fashion. — Opinions were divided. Someone thinks that Opera prima great taste and beautiful outfits that talented, positive woman dresses provocatively, original, interesting. And some of her style do not like at all. They admire her voice, beauty, charisma, but the closet is not happy. Of course, everyone is interested in what I have to say. The more that Anna often goes out and change outfits as gloves.

First, Netrebko’s beauty and Golden voice of Russia, global star and always looks very impressive. Secondly, Anna is a native of the South of Russia, originally from Krasnodar, she has Cossack roots. Apparently, her soul wide open. And the influence of the southern taste will haunt Anna always. The singer has his own idea of beauty. All your youth this woman is put on musical education, she studied dozens of Opera roles in Italian, and it is a big job. She had no time to grasp the subtleties of the fashion world. Anna may be advisable to hire a professional stylist. But you don’t know what it’s like to work with divas. Opera prima are so wayward and self-righteousness, to persuade them to change is impossible. Anna’s pals with me, we corresponded, I treat her with great tenderness and sympathy. And possibly to my advice she will listen. First: in any case not to lose weight. From my point of view, Netrebko is no extra weight. She has beautiful waist, delicious hips. Its shape really suit her personality. The second piece of advice: don’t change the hairstyle. Anna has very pretty hair, and they are always well cleaned. Third, to go the same route, choosing jewelry. Diamonds her go as anyone else. Fourth: choose bright colors. Red, blue, green very go with the brunettes. But it is necessary to eliminate the cacophony of uncoordinated shades and accessories. For example, a green bag to the black and white suit or a yellow fur hat to the plaid jacket. I’m sure all this for her, if she made such a success in the Grand Opera.

As for the husband. I really like this couple and I wish them happiness. But neither he nor his wife do not need to get involved in the style of Roberto Cavalli or Versace. Yusif certainly passionate man, and I understand why Anne, a woman of great talent and lovely nature, gave him my heart. Yusif incredibly is a black tuxedo with a large bowtie. And he needs to wear them. He and Anna too beautiful to become targets for criticism. The Muscovites have a tremendous opportunity to see this pair at the Bolshoi theatre — they play the main roles in the Opera “Manon Lescaut”.

As a journalist

“Husband dressed completely wrong. Yusif, with all due respect to him, looks like a journalist with a shoulder bag that holds a laptop, a recorder and a dozen notebooks. If his wife is in this evening dress, Yusif needs to be in a Tux, and nothing else. And certainly not in the blue pullover from Versace”.

Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»

In London. 2015


Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»

With Yousif in Salzburg. 2015

Photos: Actionpress/TASS

The right scale

“And here is the ornament I like. I believe that any type of right selected tiaras a diva of this magnitude are very suitable. Dress this style Anna slimming. I like the lack of jewelry on her neck. A small clutch is very appropriate. From Yousif is too bright t-shirt and loafers”.

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  • Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»



    Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»


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  • Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»
    Alexander Vasilyev

  • Александр Васильев: «Анна Нетребко должна выглядеть царицей»
    Anna Netrebko

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