Natalia Vodianova for the first time told how was difficult for her youngest son

Наталья Водянова впервые рассказала, как непросто далось ей рождение младшего сына
Supermodels had during pregnancy a month and a half to get out of bed.

Natalia Vodianova

Photo: Timon Of Athens

The birth of the younger son Roman was given to Natalia Vodianova is not easy. Pregnancy was pretty hard, a month and a half expectant mother had to lie down and never get up. Doctors feared that the supermodel might not get the baby. The baby was born three weeks early, but quickly began to gain weight. Now doctors do not find any deviations in its development. Interestingly, a small novel was born on the birthday of his dad — French millionaire Antoine Arnault. Here is how Natalie describes this moment: “on the Eve of the birth of Antoine I got out of bed and decided a little cheer to all who worry about me and looking at me, an unexpected slug in horror and fear. And gave the children a job to cook on my watch honey. It was delicious in this cake! Only Antoine, who does not like any sweets except ice cream, we could not get him to try. And what do you think? Our dad was eating it for both cheeks! The next day, when Daisy was born! Probably the mixer for whipping cream and I finished. The whipped cream and went to give birth. But it turned delicious — unbelievable.”

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