Alexander Sheps called out the star of “Comedy battle”

Александр Шепс позвал на свидание звезду «Comedy Баттл» This week the team TNT is holding a series of special streams within the project TNT PLAY Football Party 2018. One of the participants of the event was the psychic Alexander Sheps. Quite unexpectedly, the magician met the girl, which immediately started to feel sympathy.
Александр Шепс позвал на свидание звезду «Comedy Баттл»

The TNT channel had organized an event with the participation of many celebrities. More than 20 top stars of the TNT channel will take up joysticks to play a virtual tournament with the best football teams in the world. For fights, the audience can see in official group of TV channel Vkontakte.

Today, opponents in the football competition proved to be a psychic Alexander Sheps and party Comedy battle Ariana Lolaeva. Beauty at once fascinated the mage, and one of the most popular psychics of “the battle of psychics” did not hide his sympathy. Chat live Sheps showered the girl with compliments, openly flirted with her, read poems, joked, gave the game to make gifts and eventually invited her on a date. However, the place to do this, he chose not romantic, but rather a mystical cemetery. However, the many thousands army of fans Alexander immediately realized that it was just a joke and a date will be more romantic. Alexander also gave the Arians the stone is garnet, but its value declined to say live, offering to socialize outside their cells.

Despite the fact that fans are carefully watching the everyday life of Alexander Sheps, after his breakup with Marilyn Kerro about the personal life of the winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics” do not know. Alexander hides his novels from the public. But maybe this time he will not be able to hide anything.


“She won me over with his sense of humor and beauty. Do not say, and the girls Comedy battle not to take eloquence! We’ve got a great tandem. To win in football, of course, I do not doubt. I am sure that this is only the beginning of my success in this tandem,” said Sheps.

We will remind that earlier a young man tied a romantic relationship with another participant of the “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro. Mages had been Dating for several years, but eventually broke up, got incredibly upset with their fans. The stars refuse to comment on the situation, only noting that it remained close to each other people.

Later in an interview with “StarHit” Kerro lifted the veil of secrecy and commented on the breakup.

“For me it will always be the closest person. I madly respect and love. But we live separately. When people do not live together, this is not a relationship. When you don’t know what the man was doing, such a relationship can not be called a family. I don’t think that control is important, but if people are sleeping separately, then it is not a relationship. This does not mean that love goes away. I don’t know what will happen five, 10 years,” said Marilyn.

Now a young woman happy in a new relationship and preparing to become a mother. Apparently, Alexander Sheps also wants to get rid of the title of the eligible bachelor.

By the way, while Alexander Sheps plays football with beauties throughout Russia, the ongoing auditions for the 19th season of “the Battle of psychics” on TNT, which, according to rumors, is going to participate is the younger brother of Alexander Sheps – Oleg. Will it become a party to, viewers will learn in the fall.

In the daily stream of TNT Party Play Football in 2018 take part the stars of TNT. Ahead of the duels of Alexander Ptashenya, Polina grents, actors show “Improvisation” Shastun Anton and Dmitry Pazova, TV presenter Vlad kadoni, actors of the series “Olga”, ZKD, “Uni”, the participants of the show “DANCES” and others. Details in official group of TV channel Vkontakte.