Sergey Lazarev is afraid to grow up from the son of major

Сергей Лазарев боится вырастить из сына мажора The actor is worried about the child. Sergey Lazarev loves Nikita and tries to give him the best. However, he realizes that permissiveness may spoil the boy, but because limited in his gifts and makes them only for services.
Сергей Лазарев боится вырастить из сына мажора

At the end of 2016, the year it became known that Sergey Lazarev is the son of Nikita: boy paparazzi photographed. After that, the musician saw no reason to hide the child. He showed it in his video “So beautiful” and now is not afraid to speak about him and to publish his photographs.

Now the artist, like many parents, trying to give the boy the best. Sometimes, however, Sergei stops himself – it seems that so may spoil the child. Despite the fact that Nikita is not yet four years old, the musician is thinking about which school to visit his child. Lazarev is thinking to send his son to the best schools, but doubts on this score.

“To choose a school will have in two years, but I have been thinking about that an excellent teacher for the children not the authorities often argue: “my parents pay, so, as I tell them, so be it…” So I’ll think,” – says the artist.
Сергей Лазарев боится вырастить из сына мажора

Lazarev admitted that all the toys, books and gifts his son receives in that case, if you’ve earned them. He wants the child knew the value of money, in the future, he could achieve anything without my father’s patronage. The musician tries to talk to Nikita, to give advice. Lazarus is nice that the son is able to perceive calmly remarks. Sergei tries to do everything to grow up harmonious child and tried himself in different spheres.

“Nikita is often busy with business, she paints, sculpts, studies English and goes to the football section, for a swim. Son wants to be a footballer,” says the musician.

Despite the fact that now Sergey speaks of the heir, personal life prefers to keep secret. Still fans wonder what the mysterious stranger bore him a son and why the artist poses along with her child. Mother of Sergey Lazarev entered into a dispute over his son’s sex life

Sergey admits it is not seeking to deprive the child’s childhood – restricts his adult music. Lazarev said in an interview with “TV Program” that was put Nikita classical works, but yet he loves another.

“Delighted with today’s cartoons, for example, from “Puppy patrol”. Happy sings “Song of the mammoth”. Want in childhood the son was our Soviet cartoons”, – says Sergey.