Alexander Serov revealed the sensational truth about the number of illegitimate children

Александр Серов раскрыл сенсационную правду о количестве внебрачных детей The artist was another daughter. Serov confessed that he knew about the existence of a second illegitimate child. The relationship with Christine tiller works the artist continues to deny it.
Александр Серов раскрыл сенсационную правду о количестве внебрачных детей

In the fourth installment of “In fact” experts and guests continued to sort out whether a girl Christine tiller works the daughter of a famous artist Alexander Serov. Her mother Nadezhda says that many years ago she had an intimate relationship with a musician.

The show was attended by a daughter of Alexander Serov, Michelle. It is with respect to the relative and regrets that he had to get into a bad situation involving a tiller works. During the filming the girl tried not to notice the implied sister.

Illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov visited him in Moscow

“Father, my wall, my rock. He’s always been there, always cared. When he came home, was always enveloped in my love,” said Michelle.

The girl lives with her father. Serov confessed that to the extent of spoiling his daughter. Michelle believes that Hope is manipulating Christine.

“I wish that you were a lucky girl to have everything you’re good… you don’t have to participate in all of this,” said blood daughter Serov.

Christine hoped that the situation has changed. “How to be a father?” – tried to figure out the tiller works. Michelle was not going to discuss this response. She believes that Hope and Christine ruined relationships with family Serova, when demanded in other television assets from men.

Dmitry Shepelev asked the opinion of the experts in the Studio. “Feelings are not included any button. Probably, it is necessary to hope that there are any relations”, – said Vadim Kazachenko.

Александр Серов раскрыл сенсационную правду о количестве внебрачных детей

Serov believes that Hope should not have to give birth to a daughter. According to her, she divorced the first husband, when he learned its history with Alexander. Daughter Michelle surprised that the stepfather of Christine, who recently married a tiller works, would have to take care of a foster daughter.

Shepelev made contact with her first husband, Hope. Joachim said that could not have children, so doubted that Christine was his daughter. He offered, Hoping to make a DNA test, but the woman refused. “Nobody wants to believe her”, – such conclusion was made by experts in the Studio.

The tiller works States that wanted to keep the family together, but her husband had another woman. “The decision to divorce was made, not when I found out that Christine isn’t my daughter. You have all the time commanded. I was always to blame,” said Joachim.

Александр Серов раскрыл сенсационную правду о количестве внебрачных детей

At the end of the broadcast, Serov had to confess, how many children he had. According to some, many years ago, Alexander Serov was born one daughter Valentina Arising.

“The daughter did not personally know. Valentina is a musical girl. 90% that I have a daughter Alice. I met her at some concert, but to tell you the details I can’t,” recalled Serov.

In the final transfer Serov remained with Christine. He asked what education received the girl and tried to build a friendship with her. “You have to look for the young man. You’re 28 years old, you need a friend on whose shoulder you could lean on,” said Serov.

The results of the DNA test, made by Christine on the program and not announced. The results of previous studies, which took place in one of the laboratories, Serov lost.