A week and a half before the death of Lyudmila Senchina has been in a coma

За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому Close friends of the artist gathered in the Studio “Let them talk”, to remember her. Today it became known that the famous actress and singer Lyudmila Senchina departed this life, being in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg.
За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому

This morning the husband of the people’s artist of Russia Lyudmila senchinoj Vladimir Andreev has informed that the singer died at the 68th year of life. According to him, over one and a half years she struggled with a serious illness, but did not specify the diagnosis. According to some, a celebrity was suffering from cancer.

Today in Studio a current-show “Let speak” gathered relatives, colleagues and friends of the artist, to commemorate her life.

Lyudmila Senchina became famous after he sang the song about Cinderella on the “Blue light”. The poet Vladimir Reznik said that no one imagined impending death of the artist. According to him, she had to participate in his concert on January 29 and planned to act on his invitation in March. Despite the fact that relatives knew about her illness, they hoped for the best.

“Volodya said, but believed in miracles. Today I found out that a week and a half she was unconscious. On January 29 we will remember about the Letter,” said Reznik, barely holding back tears.
За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому

Presenter Dmitry Borisov said that for some time Lyudmila Petrovna was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Senchinoj colleagues reminisced about her work. Yuri Loza said that at one of the concerts of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma personally came on stage to announce Lyudmila Senchina. The musician was surprised that the artist is a Moldovan-Ukrainian origins, because he never noticed any accent. The vine believes that the current celebrities know nothing about the real popularity – after all, Lyudmila Petrovna has used really a national adoration.

За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому

Head of the Oktyabrsky concert hall in St. Petersburg, Emma V. Lavrynovych admitted that in December Senchina told that badly feels. Despite this, the artist agreed to speak.

“On Saturday, 27 th, the full liberation of Leningrad from the Nazis. We were so hoping that will say: “I feel bad, but I’ll come.” This is a unique person,” said friend Lyudmila Petrovna.

Roksana Babayan has recently lost the wife of Mikhail Derzhavin, and now lost friend. She tries to relate in philosophy to such situations, though did not hide the fact that it is very difficult. The singer admires the talent of a friend.

“Losses happen, changing stages, era, new trends, new styles, system singing new perspective on what music is. There are values not passing. This God given voice or no voice, the musicality. The elegance of the voice, the ability to understand, present a picture, a song is a picture. Lucy it was”, – said the artist.

Singer Natalia Gulkina remembered that Senchina was fond of collecting of glass Slippers as she was. Artist even exchanged Souvenirs. Lyudmila Petrovna gave Natalia Golden slipper. She believes that she received a gift from the present and the only Cinderella on the stage.

За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому

In March last year Senchina was the heroine of the program “Tonight.” She quite openly talked about his personal life. The actress was married three times. The singer said about his relationship with Stas Nominum. Lyudmila Senchina remembered how she received from her husband “by the face”

“Why they broke up, why break up? I – cat, which is not something that walks by itself, I need space, comfort, comfortable state. Maybe I’m not cut out for domestic life. Can not stand, not because someone is bad”, – said Lyudmila Petrovna.
За полторы недели до смерти Людмила Сенчина впала в кому

The popularity of senchinoj brought the role in the movie “Armed and extremely dangerous” in 1977. Dmitry Borisov recalled that Soviet women were outraged at a bare breast which inadvertently hit the frame.

Leading talk show remembered that it was thanks to a third husband Vladimir Andreev, she was able to fulfill his dream of own house.

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