Alexander Pankratov-Black urgently hospitalized in Moscow

Александр Панкратов-Черный экстренно госпитализирован в Москве
Actor to surgery.

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Alexander Pankratov-Black was hospitalized in one of capital hospitals where soon going to do the surgery. As it became known, people’s artist of Russia has long been sick. This is a serious disease threatens a complete loss of mobility of the hands.

Soon doctors plan to hold the actor of theatre and cinema complex surgery, which will not allow the disease to progress. As reported by REN TV, talking on ailment in which the tendons lose their elasticity, become shortened, and as a result the fingers (in easy stages) unbend to the end. There are also non-surgical methods of treatment of this disease, however, doctors are inclined to operation.

In the filmography of Alexander Pankratov-Black has over 90 roles in the movie! However, if it is to count in small episodes, but still list worthy. To its 60th anniversary in 2011, the actor received a gorgeous gift — he was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia with the wording “for the big merits in the field of cinematic art”. The popularity came to him in the first half of the 1980s after he starred in the famous films “jazzmen” and “Winter evening in Gagra.” Pankratov-Black has played Gerald Bezhanova in the popular Comedy “Where is nofelet?” and in dozens of bit parts in the highest grossing domestic paintings of those years — from “the Courier” and “Forgotten melody for flute” to “Womanizer”. In 2005, he starred Vladimir Bortko in the series “Master and Margarita”, where he got the role Stepa Likhodeyev.