Olga’s husband Rapunzel sleeps in the entrance for mother in law

Муж Ольги Рапунцель ночует в подъезде из-за тещи
The father of the child stars of “House-2” have put the wife in front of difficult choice.

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrienko

Olga’s husband Rapunzel after the birth of her daughter sleeps in the entrance,
as got in a big fight with his mother Tatyana Vladimirovna. As it became
known Dom2Life.ru the husband of a star “Houses-2” Dima Dmitrenko Olga put the condition:
or out of the house leaving him or her mother.

It should be noted that the relationship of Olga and Dmitry was never
calm and balanced. The couple often quarreled, and once even almost
divorced. Olga had to apply for a divorce, but after the apology husband took the document from the Registrar’s office. After the birth of a child Dmitri was confirmed in the opinion,
in their scandals with his wife to blame her mother Tatyana.

“On the second day after discharge, he began us
make the brain. Generally they began with Olga something.
I lived with them for four days, but can’t tell what is there
what would happen is that they are silent, silent, silent… And then Dima began to throw their
things and shout: “Where are my documents? I now fly
in Vladivostok, buy a ticket”. I grab his bag, say: “Dima,
exhale, now let it be”. “No, I’m leaving!” he says to me.
Grabbed this bag, fly,” became known Dom2Life.ru words
Tatyana Vladimirovna.

It soon became clear that Dmitri was back home, but
the publication he now lives in the entrance. “It comes like this. I say:
“I’m sorry you’re not gone.” He then writes Ola:
“I’m not going home, there is your mother. She humiliates me, blackmails
and insulting”. Although I do not see! Here he is sitting in the doorway,
he spends the night there for two days. Where am I blackmailing him? He Olya
blackmailing, saying he didn’t come home while I’m there,”
says mother Olga.