Александр Панайотов раскрыл диету, с помощью которой борется с лишним весом

His fame as an artist Alexander Panayotov found being the guy in the body. The contractor competed on the show “people’s artist”, but at the end of the project gradually faded. His next statement, Alexander was able through the talent show “the Voice”, where he took part, however, is already updated.

Powerful speech by Alexander, who performed the “blind” audition song All By Myself, did not leave indifferent any of the mentors and they launched the chair to see who so ably sang for them. Imagine their surprise when they saw a dramatically changed Panayotov.

The artist corrected the flaws of their figures, dropped 20 extra pounds. But because of the predisposition to obesity, Panayotova have some limits in food and feed based on a special diet.

“Last days I eat only chicken and broccoli… Waiting for the New year to eat the salad and so on… But now it is impossible. Since the shooting, the costumes, the screen expands. But of course, it’s not important. The main thing to sing to touch the hearts of millions across the country. With your support — I am invincible, when all hands!” — says Alexander.

By the way, fans of the singer hope that after “the Voice” he will not again disappear from the scene. Many insist that he represented Russia at the musical contest called “Eurovision” which will take place in Ukraine in 2017. Note that the Panayotov hails from the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia.