Fitness trainer told me about the affair with her husband Bulanova

Фитнесс-тренер рассказала о романе с мужем Булановой

Rumors about the affair ex-husband of Tatyana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva went a long time. The famous couple divorced this month, much shocked the audience, one could not have imagined that it would come to this. According to the official version, voiced Tatiana, the reason for the divorce became not infidelity, but “lost harmony” in the relationship, but the cause of this “lost” harmony in the face of Irina Yakovleva came to the shooting of the program “live” and talked about his relationship with a married man.

Yakovlev met with Radimov in one of the Petersburg restaurants, and sympathy, according to the woman, they have originated from. When Irina didn’t know who the Radimov and that he’s married to a pop star. About it it became known only later from friends that were more knowledgeable. But even the fact that Vladislav was married, could not stop the woman who fell in love with a player in ears.
“Our relationship was very romantic. We met, rode a ship on the Neva..” — said with enthusiasm Irina. It was enough that he was close to her, she never asked him to leave my family. Meanwhile, Radimov probably planned this, because even met with the relatives of his mistress, and mother and I very quickly found a common language.
However, the Roman player and the fitness coach did not last long, the couple broke up, and guilt in divorce with Bulanova Radimov she does not consider.
“We have not talked to him for more than a year, not called, not texted, not talked. I don’t keep the person who goes, I’m not interested. If the marriage collapsed, not because of me” — said Irina.
Broadcast showed an excerpt from an interview with Radimov, filmed just during his passionate affair with Irina. Vladislav swore that Tatyana is the love of his life and how happy he is with her.
Recall that Bulanova worried about them Radimov nine-year-old son, who is very concerned about his parents ‘ divorce. She blames herself for the reckless actions, in particular, for what he wrote on his page angry posts to the side of her husband.