Александр Паль рассказал о сексуальной жизни Равшаны Курковой
The actor spoke ahead of the release of the film “About love. Adults only”.

Alexander PAL in Studio Live OK

Photo: OK Live

On the eve of the release of the film “About love. Only
adults” Alexander PAL, who rarely indulges fans with new
interview, came to the Studio OK.Live. The actor spoke about the project and
how he was worked at the site with RAVENOL Kursovoy.

“It’s stories about different couples. Different ages,
social class. From Ravshan weak sex life. And she still
national taboo and relatives who say “no-no”. I come here, too
getting into this list of “no-no”, but are on Ravshan some other
ways, says PAL. — She liked that I was outspoken and even
boorish, vulgar, but it all flowed just from the clip, from what
I was not confident. And in the end, I Ravshan discovered.”

Despite the fact that Alexander looked forward to
the release of the film, he admits he can’t stand to be in the secular
premieres, even when talking about the paintings with his participation.

“I’ve become amazing
sociophobe, says PAL. — I come to the premiere, there’s a bunch of peoples cameras,
the clicking, all rise. I understand that it’s part of our job, part of the profession.
But even if the trace to open the Internet and see the pictures of Sasha (about yourself
– approx.) there is one and the same person, as if a brick hit the man, and he went
and just stood up. I am often asked “so smile!”, but I can not pull this
smile, she stretched, and I was always confused”.