Миранда Керр рассказала о своей секретной диете
The model shared the recipe for maintaining a slender figure.

Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr, who in this year’s legal
the wife of billionaire Evan Spiegel, knowingly proud of its slim, but not
bony figure. And here, in one of his recent interview, the model decided to open the secret — how she manages
look so good.

As told 34-year-old Kerr, she tries not to break
power schedule developed by her personal nutritionist. Your day,
the approval of Miranda, she certainly starts
with a glass of warm water with lemon. “It is necessary to stimulate
digestion and “charge” the body of vitamin C, which so many
in lemon juice!” explained Kerr.

And only then Miranda goes to
Breakfast. However, nothing solid in the morning she does not eat. As said the model,
this time of day she usually makes herself a smoothie — papaya, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, with the addition of almond oil and
exotic tropical fruit Noni and Assai. At noon, Kerr usually
eating a small slice of salmon with a salad of arugula, colour caputi,
cucumber and avocado. And for dinner, she instructed there are diet chicken breast with
sweet potatoes.

Extremely busy Miranda, which
combines work in the modeling business with his son Flynn (from his marriage with
the ex-husband Orlando bloom), Miranda, still trying never bite
on the run. “No matter how many I have, I make an effort to find the time
eat in peace and enjoy the taste of food. Otherwise no, even the “right” food will not bring you any good!” says Kerr.