Александра Овечкина и Сергея Шнурова признали самыми богатыми
Forbes published its annual ranking.

Александра Овечкина и Сергея Шнурова признали самыми богатыми

Alexander Ovechkin

Forbes magazine published its annual “Rating the main
Russian celebrities.” The list is built based on three criteria:
a mention in the media, search
the queries and most importantly —
income. This rating is the rating of the richest Russian

First, as in the past the list, ranked 32-year-old Alexander Ovechkin. Famous hockey player
earned $14.5 million. Year definitely can be a happy year
Ovechkin. Alexander and his team the Washington capitals won the Stanley Cup, and he
Ovechkin is recognized as the best hockey player of the year. In addition, it will soon become a father. His 24-year-old wife, Anastasia Subsky give birth to a child in a few weeks.

Sergey Shnurov was in second place
rating. Last year he was not included even in the top ten most
rich stars, and this
Ovechkin earned a little less — $13.9 million.

On the third and fourth place — Philip
Kirkorov and Grigory Leps,
and the top five showman Ivan Urgant.

The richest woman Russian
show business is Olga Buzova — it earned $3.9 million
and took the sixth place ranking. The same impressive leap, as
and Shnurov — a year ago she was ranked 14th.

Sergey Shnurov