Бейонсе впервые поделилась фотографией подросших близнецов
Fans argue who like kids.

Бейонсе впервые поделилась фотографией подросших близнецов


Photo: Instagram.com

Fans of Beyonce appeared extremely rare opportunity to consider two
the younger children of the singer — Sir and Rumi. She showed the kids in the moment when
they just came to light. Then, a spectacular photo with the twins at the hands of the star posing in a purple gown on background of flowers. However, since about
how varied parastasie kids, could be judged only in rare frames,
which managed to make the paparazzi. Now Beyonce herself has published two picture
kids on their official website https://www.beyonce.com,
calling the album “Thank you, Europe”.

was made during the concert tour, the singer went with
her husband Jay-Z. This time the 36-year-old singer posed for bringing Rumi and Sir to his knees. On a photo it is easy
notice how grown up the kids. Rumi and Sir is already large — in the past month, they celebrated their first birthday. Interestingly,
despite their young age the twins have seen what they have different characters.
Rumi looks happy and cheerful. And Sir, as you can see, not such
smiling as his sister: he is much more serious.

took place on the boat, plying the coast of France Beyonce and
her husband built the schedule of the tour so that they had the opportunity
to rest between concerts. And they fully used it travelling around
Italy, the southern coast of France and even managed to fly to London, where the paparazzi photographed during a romantic dinner.

Beyonce with twins

Photo: Instagram.com