Alexander Mikhailov saved people in the war

Александр Михайлов спас человека на войне The actor went into a hot spot, in Chechnya, in the mid-90s. There Alexander Mikhailov, beloved by millions Vasya Kuzyakin from “Love and pigeons”, has saved a young soldier. Many years later, the fighter thanked the people’s artist.
Александр Михайлов спас человека на войне

People’s artist of Russia, millions of your favorite actor Aleksandr Mikhailov, who played Bob kuzjakina in the film “Love and doves”, Viktor Petrovich in “Lonely provided hostel”, Zubov “Man”, at 73, continues to work, to play, to tour.

In Stary Oskol played entreprise “Love – not potatoes, not throw it out the window” – a theatrical version of the film by Vladimir Menshov. When Alexander Mikhailov in the final, bowed to the audience, he was approached by a young man and held out the photo. After seeing the picture, the artist raised her eyebrows and asked someone backstage.

In the picture, taken in the mid-90s in Chechnya, captured Alexander Mikhailov and soldiers, among whom was Valery Vodovozov. A minute before the shutter clicked the camera, the actor put on the neck of one of the fighters charm – ribbon with printed on it the 90 th Psalm of David, known as “live aid”, such belts carry the men during the service. The young man believes that by meeting with Mikhailov, he was able to escape death in the war.

“I recognized him, approached and photographed. And he hung up on me “live help” and said, “God Bless you”. And I do not remove the amulet until now. I found Mikhaylova then said, “my fate works out, maybe thanks to you,” only to Alexander Yakovlevich,” said the soldier.

In the documentary of the First channel “Alexander Mikhailov. Only main roles” explains that Polovodov Valera arrived in Chechnya in the group, which replaced the dead on the eve of company, and despite the fact that the guy a few times was on the verge of life and death, returned home in one piece. He later married, twice became a father.

Alexander Mikhailov, each time I visit in the Belgorod region, trying to see a guy who considers him his Savior.

I must say that Sam Alexander Mikhailov, went to Chechnya are not just concerts, the actor wanted to stay there, to be in the thick of things, says “could not hide behind the guys.” But Mikhailov quickly returned from the war to Moscow.

Alexander Mikhailov could himself to become a soldier, he wanted to be a sailor. He was born in the Chita region, then the family moved to Vladivostok. There he made several attempts to go to naval school, but having failed, he graduated from the craft and became an engine-minder. Maybe it would go Alexander Mikhailov in sea voyages in the far East, if one has not got to the theater and looked Chekhov’s “Ivanov,” in which he played his future friend Valery Priemyhov. “I obrydalas and I realized that I had to be there on stage with them. Went to the shore of the Amur Bay, plunged a little, and said “I will not return, will the actor,” – said Alexander Mikhailov.