Margarita Agibalova confessed how much to spend on life abroad

Маргарита Агибалова созналась, сколько тратит на жизнь за границей The star of “House-2” shared major expenses. According to Margarita Agibalova, the cost of goods and services in Cyprus is about the same as in Russia. That’s why she had long dreamed about the final move abroad.
Маргарита Агибалова созналась, сколько тратит на жизнь за границей

Margarita Agibalova used to spend a lot of time abroad. Before the young woman’s family spent at least six months in Cyprus. Since then, however, as the son of a star “Houses-2” Mitya went to school, she had to move to Moscow for permanent residence.

According to Margaret, they are still thinking about moving to Cyprus, because the prices abroad are about the same as in Russia. In a recent interview, she explained the approximate costs for accommodation and food.

“If you rent a house for six months or more, the price will be two times less. We found a great option through a friend, so pay is not as ordinary tourists, but these issues are still deals only with the husband”, – said Agibalov.

A young woman mentioned that good money spent on the purchase of tickets. In the summer they cost twice as much than in other seasons. According to Agibalov, for the flight there and back will have to pay about twenty thousand rubles per person.

Agibalova also praised the quality of local products. According to the young women, fish and fruit are cheaper in Cyprus than in Russia, but they are much tastier and more natural. But the meat prices were slightly higher.

Of course, the star of “House-2” had to think about the garden for the younger child. Cyprus nursery schools are good because teachers work with clients in English.

“The garden will cost about 40 thousand rubles per month. In principle it is the same money that we have. But you can choose different classes, it is very interesting. Toys and other baby products cost the same price as in Moscow”, – said Agibalov.

Portal “Дом” the young woman said that someday will move to Cyprus. Meanwhile she dreams about the imminent summer holidays, when you can go to your favorite country together with her children and her husband.