Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем» The musician took the second place on “American idol” in 2003. Alexander Kireev project explained the disappearance. “StarHit” decided to find out what she’s doing now the author of the song “Sasha+Masha”.
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»

About the author and artist Alexander Kireev the public learned in 2003 – then the young man became a member of the third “American idol”. The artist reached the final and took second place. However, after such a bright start musician so long worked on the scene some time later, the actor appeared less and less on the concerts. For 12 years after the end of “factory of stars” actor got married and became the father of the son Lukyan. Recently, the singer released a new video for the song “Impossible”. “StarHit” decided to contact Alexander Kireev, to learn about the life of the once popular musician.

I congratulate you with the premiere of the clip. Why did you decide to revisit music?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Originally we had planned to make a video just for myself during the trip. We were vacationing in Santorini, the beauty of the white houses, domes. My wife Arina was a birthday celebrated there. Vacationing together, the wife wanted to take pictures. And in the process it became clear that the team had videooborudovaniya and had the idea to make a video. Initially, I thought it would be as a gift for my wife. I wrote a tune, jotted down the text, I selected a few styles – there were five options. Arina said, “this Song is so cool, let’s do the clip.”—
And the son Lukyan you rested?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»No, it was my parents. We sent for the summer to the sea, to walk, to sunbathe. And we needed this holiday with my wife, just the two of us. There are also difficult moments in family life. Any relationship is work on yourself.—
What difficulties have arisen?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Sometimes a misunderstanding when you need to find and maintain a balance between work and family. If this harmony goes, everything collapses. Arina together for 12 years, our son is six.
So you met on a wave of fame after “American idol”?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Yes, it happened on tour, we played in Krasnodar. After the concert went to the fans. In 2003 were still film cameras, and that doesn’t work, and Arina stood side by side. I had a good look at her and thought: “Such a beautiful girl.” Decided to invite her to dinner. It was a friendly evening, gathered all the musicians after the concert. Arina talked half the night, then exchanged phone numbers and began to communicate.—
She still lived in Krasnodar? How often did you see?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»We flew to each other, I took her on a tour. Then she began to learn. We closely communicated, although it was not easy.—
That is, it was a whirlwind romance?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Was throbbing feelings – first in the pool with his head, then came a pause, spoke remotely. During this period, trying to know each other – the nature, habits. In principle, a year later decided to get married.—
And how did the proposal of marriage?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»I asked Arina in Moscow, but her parents didn’t want to let go of the daughter. They said, “what status will she come?” Well then, I said that as wife.—
Probably, her parents worried that you’re creative, popular musician. Maybe thought you were windy?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»She said things, but when there are feelings, no arguments are. I had to come to meet with her stepfather, mother Arina. Told them about my intentions that he was planning to do in the near future. Apparently, they liked it and they believed in me. Wife graduated from medical school. Now she is a popular doctor, in demand. Travels around the world as a speaker and guest, loves his job and the people who helped.

Son Lukyan was born six years after the wedding. Wanted to realize themselves in career?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Honestly, we lived and lived, at some point the dog started. Then the time came when I realized that the life is organized, has financial stability. I walked away from show business do not understand where everything goes. The results were not pleasing: there’s a public, I’m an author, an artist, I wanted more, but couldn’t do it. Then decided creative opportunities to redirect into the business, became involved in marketing. I was called in as producer of the group. It existed about three years, but I had a contract just for six months, that is, I did run. Then it was not hyped. Then I dabbled in the business – one went well, the other was falling apart.—
What business did you have?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»In the field of IT-technologies, Internet trade, start a training program. In the end something better went that it was a failure. Five years I had nothing to say to the audience, but the singer needs something to bring viewers and listeners.—
And what conclusions did you make?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»At some point I began the divergence of the image with reality. I grew up and I remember as a young man. The feeling that I was waiting for songs like “Sasha+Masha”. So I’m going to look ridiculous and untrue. I wanted to convey what he experienced. But not only have I grown, but the audience – someone had children, a family. They have about Sasha and Masha uninteresting.

What was the impetus to write songs again?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Of course, I stimulated wife. When I decided to record a song, we turned to the guys from Guru Groove Foundation, Tanya Samanidou. Come up with different “chips”, I tried, I got such a pleasure. When we came out, felt so inspired. Don’t know how it goes, plans are still in the ranks, start from the fact, as will be received. To write songs I didn’t stop, gave them to other artists.—
Who performs them?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»There is one Finnish band, wrote to Vadim Kazachenko, Natasha Podolsky, “Tootsie” and others.
Who of the “factory” idea, too.
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»With many. We have a live chat, which is constantly communicating. A closer friendship with Nikita Malinin, the guys from “KGB”. Roma badgers now sings in a cover band, and Dima Golubev – restaurateur in Ivanovo. He had a family, a child. All of us, the participants, value their relationship with each other. Roma, for example, godfather’s daughter Lesya Yaroslavskaya. This friendship returns to those children who are still inside each of us.
Miss popularity?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»“Factory” has given me a lot, I appreciate this project. I’m not used to the fame and now, when you get comments, too shy, but a smile stretched itself. I had a period when I rethought the value of popularity itself. Fame is not a goal, it is needed as a result. With the popularity of something can make it better is to give people emotions, when good, sometimes bad, that is, to swing the pendulum. And it is important for artists to experience this opportunity. I’m not miss popularity, all the time. Of course I made mistakes – ceased to cooperate with producer Victor Drobysh. It seemed to me that the team is not working, although maybe it was. I wish everything was faster, better, afraid of losing popularity, that actually happened. Thought I know a lot myself, and in fact did not take into account things that are hidden from the artist. The singer is not necessary to have information producer, music editor, Manager and so on. —
And now you are in any relationship with Drobysh? Support the connection?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»I am so far from show business, what we do and do not intersect. We parted as enemies when meeting shake hands, he is an adult, good. I was lucky in the “Factory”, we had three producers, who worked with us, – Alexander Shulgin, Iosif Prigozhin, Victor Drobysh.

And your son looked “Factory”? Showed him the recording, he is proud of you?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»When he asked what I was doing, I at that time was leading the children’s program. And it was interesting. Then he saw me on stage said, “you Have great songs!” So gradually he learns about everything that happened in my life. —
What’s he into? Showing musical ability?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»He still likes math. Sitting with books, solves examples. Lukyan goes to kindergarten, where the Montessori system based on individual freedom. There allow the child to choose the speed and sector knowledge. That is, children are invited all, and one learns what one likes. He is an active – wanted sneakers that have wheels. He found a video online to learn how to ski. Well, now surprised the whole southern coast of Crimea. What profession in the future will choose for all I care. The main thing that was happy and doing thing that pleases.—
You’re going to have a second child. Lukyan long for his appearing?
Александр Киреев: «Я ошибся, перестав сотрудничать с Дробышем»Very. He was posing, and my wife and I went at it on occasion. When asked whom they want – a brother or sister, replied: “Let’s just two!” Even wrote a letter to Santa Claus. Was even on the ultrasound with us, watched the beating heart. And now asks us, how’s the tummy.—
Worried before the baby or after the first not so scary?
All the way, but understand what to expect. It is a pleasant anticipation, a new life. By the time the child should be born somewhere in the middle of November. Named for the daughter is already defined.