Fish and Senchukova told about the problems son’s health

Рыбин и Сенчукова рассказали о проблемах сына со здоровьем 18-year-old Vasily was forced to leave the sport. Heir of Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova adolescence was tormented by severe pain in the joints. But the musicians don’t believe that I made the mistake of giving a small child a karate lesson.
Рыбин и Сенчукова рассказали о проблемах сына со здоровьем

The leader of group “the dune” Victor Rybin and his wife, singer Natalia Senchukova are considered a model couple. The couple’s 27 years together, they are proud of the only son of Basil and often talk about the success of his son in an interview.

So, fans of the star of the family know that Bob many years seriously was engaged karate, he is a black belt holder. In the Bank a young man of about one hundred and twenty medals, half of them gold. Fish and Senchukova took my son on a section of the martial arts, five year-old boy, not knowing what this hobby is in store for him later. In adolescence Basil began health problems, the development of which has provoked the karate classes.

“I was into this martial art – said the heir to the musicians in an interview to the program “While all houses”. – And then I started to get sick of literally everything, it became difficult to compete”.
Рыбин и Сенчукова рассказали о проблемах сына со здоровьем

Basil had to leave the sport, despite the fact that the career the guy has been very successful. “Basil began to hurt the joints, confirmed the words of his son Victor Rybin. – Natasha thought that sports is a useful lesson, and it was not. The son earned his problems with the ankle, knees, hip, elbows”.

However, the family does not believe that karate class was a mistake. Basil admitted that physical training today helps him in his studies. A young man learns in Mike on the Director of circus and theatrical performances.

Рыбин и Сенчукова рассказали о проблемах сына со здоровьем
“Karate was the right choice for my parents – continues Basil. Where I study now, flexibility is needed. And in karate we had a stretch.”

Heir fish and Senchukova, like his parents, passionate about music. Together with friends guy has created the rock band “Another one divide”. Basil writes the lyrics to songs in English, and has even managed to star in the video for one of his compositions. Victor Rybin is proud to be the son went to the talent in him. However, the famous father is unhappy that the group repertoire includes songs in Russian, and asked Basil to improve. The young man to the voice of the parent listened and promised to meet his wishes.