Олег Табаков решился на откровенное признание о супруге The famous actor rarely shares details of family life. In a recent interview he spoke about his vision of love. People’s artist of the USSR, told that can not long be parted from his wife.
Олег Табаков решился на откровенное признание о супруге

Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina have been married for more than twenty years, but the romance of their relationship has apparently not gone. In a recent interview for the program “Once upon a time” actor revealed that he likes to play on the same stage with his wife and difficult to tolerate separation. To the question about the meaning of love movie star also answered frankly, telling how important this feeling has in his life.

“What is love? You know, when we want son, we just went and did it. But when I decided to have another child, I worked in Budapest. Marina V. came to me in Hungary, the distance didn’t stop her. Love is when I cannot bear separation” – said the actor.
Олег Табаков решился на откровенное признание о супруге

Now people’s artist and his Muse often play together on the stage of the Studio theatre “the Snuffbox”. Joint performances only strengthen the relationship between the pair, although the creative process sometimes creates conflicts. Fans point out that Maria V. and Oleg Pavlovich organic look on the stage, always demonstrating the passions.

By the way, in the theatrical College “Snuff” he’s the son of the famous actor. Oleg Pavlovich stresses that a strict teacher, therefore no clout in this situation may not be considered.

“I am a very tough teacher, to deduct every year a few students who fail. If Paul was not worthy to study at the faculty, he would have departed,” the actor candidly says.

Heir star names are clearly in love with acting: Paul active in films, his Instagram regularly appear pictures of a theatre stage.

The youngest child of the star couple, daughter Mary, yet shows no inclination to a creative profession. The child often visits the theatre, where they played mom and dad, but not yet committed.

Recall that before the marriage with Marina Suginoi famous actor of 35 years has been married to Lyudmila Krylova. In an interview, Oleg said that the family conflicts began to arise long before the official breakup.

Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

Now, however, a man normally communicates with his ex-wife, maintains warm relations with the children from his first marriage. By the way, the senior heirs of the apostles, son Anton and daughter Alexandra also chose the acting profession.