Alexander Kharitonov was the cause of the accident

Александра Харитонова стала виновницей аварии
For a long time Alexander Kharitonov was a member of the famous electroni “Dom-2”.

Александра Харитонова стала виновницей аварии

But recently became a mentor for contestants on theater skills.

In his spare time Kharitonova sits at home and goes on business meetings or gatherings with friends.

A lot of the time, according to the girl, take the tube in the center of the city.

In result Alexander did not even notice how scratched someone else’s car.

“How I managed to scratch the car the poor guy? I drove along Tverskaya, rather, stood (today the center is in connection with the arrival of political persons). I stand and suddenly went! I quickly rounded everyone up and drove on! And I have music playing loudly in the car. Looked in the side glass runs some guy, well, just rushing. I have in my head flashed the thought: “Maybe the girl saw beautiful, wants to meet you?” Yeah, right now!” – shared the girl.

We wish the star to be careful on the roads.

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