The hope Granovsky need to be more attentive to health

Надежде Грановской надо быть внимательнее ко здоровью
Yesterday, April 12, the former participant of group “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher-Granovskaya was celebrating a birthday.

Надежде Грановской надо быть внимательнее ко здоровью

The singer was 35 years.

Hope now happily married with businessman Mikhail Urzhumtseva. Artist raising three wonderful children.

In honor of the birthday star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to make a prediction for the future star.

“Life code 257235 Hope says that she is artistic and has psychic abilities, says numerologist. She was born in “Day of courage” – she has no sense of self-preservation, she can stand up not only for yourself but for the loved ones. At Granovsky keen sense of justice, she is patient and an excellent diplomat. It can be considered a human donor, generously dividing their energy. The soul of the company and everyone’s favorite, she is able to give people a good mood. Next year she should be more cautious with health. Although by nature it has a good, in 2018, problems can occur. In 40 years it will enjoy a huge success, a new milestone in his career and the birth of their fourth child. Family life. a woman comfortable. Patient and non-scandalous, she’s always able to smooth over any conflict.”

Congratulations to the singer with the last birthday!

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