Alexander Domogarov has commented on the rumors about the stroke

Александр Домогаров прокомментировал слухи об инсульте

For the past two days in mass media discusses the news about the hospitalization of Alexander Domogarova. It was reported that the actor was in the hospital with a suspected stroke.

Yesterday, the son of Alexander, made a statement in which he noted that news about the bad health of the father of lies. On the same day, the press was able to contact the employees of the theater, which serves as Domogarov.

“He was hospitalized with a vascular crisis, but is already at home. Feels good in the near future is to stay at home, to a regime“, — said the press service of the theater. The Moscow city Council.

And here, today, received information from first hand. About his health decided to tell Alexander himself.

“I feel great. Voice cheerful, the mood is excellent, and I absolutely still react to the publications on this topic, it’s all rumors. Cause for concern”, — pleased fans Domogarov.

Note, in the moment, the actor is at home. Doctors advised him to bole attentive to their health and a few days to spend in a sparing mode.

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