Natalia Andreichenko again sues son

Наталья Андрейченко снова судится с сыном

Famous Russian actress Natalia Andreichenko still can not calm down about their money stolen by a native son. The artist again has initiated proceedings regarding his son.

Recall that in early 2015 in the family and wife has played the real drama – Natalia learned that her Bank accounts were missing money, which she didn’t for a long time. According to celebrity, guilty of theft of funds is its native son Dmitry, born in marriage with Maxim Dunaevsky. Working in the Geneva Bank, the young man decided to invest about million dollars mother, who had to guarantee her a comfortable old age, multiplying their investment. But something went wrong and it turned out to be a bad gamble. Natalia has not only multiplied his fortune, but lost what they had. Angry wife sued his son to court, arguing that his plans didn’t know that he slipped it all without her knowledge.
However, as it became known from results of the financial check, no paperwork Dmitry are not forged, and it means that Natalia in a bright mind alone would allow him to invest their money.
“Witnessing the signing of an agreement to invest were the lawyers of Dmytro and Natalia lawyers. Dmitry took money out with the consent of the mother” — says the lawyer of a young man Jules Braer.
Last month, the court ruled: Dmitry is not guilty, he took the money and the mother acted with her consent, and thus there is no corpus delicti.
Now Dmitry and further works in a Bank, but his mother did not calm down and filed a new lawsuit in which she demands to return the missing money. This is not a criminal, but a civil case.
“Dmitri promised the mother of profit, and therefore the court may order the defendant to return the money in full or partially” — said the lawyer.
Myself and wife commented on this delicate subject.
“Dmitry I have forgiven, but still nothing is finished, I will not speak on this subject,” — said Natalia.

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