Александр Демидов сообщил о состоянии после ДТП The car, which drove the actor, flew into the oncoming lane. The accident occurred on the Novoryazanskoe highway. According to some reports, there are victims who have received injuries of varying severity.
Александр Демидов сообщил о состоянии после ДТП

The star of the team “the Quartet And” Alexander Demidov had an accident. The accident with the actor occurred on the Novoryazanskoe highway in the suburbs. According to some, the jeep “Toyota Prado”, which went to the artist, flew into the oncoming lane and collided with “Gazelle”.

It is reported that the accident injured two people. The driver and passenger of the van was taken to the hospital with a broken shoulder and a traumatic brain injury. In the jeep of Alexander at the time of the collision triggered the airbags, which protected him from the blow.

Currently, the traffic police find out circumstances of the accident and establish the culprit.

Concerned friends and artist friends ask him what happened, and wondering if everything was okay with his health. With his characteristic sense of humor Demidov said followers.

Александр Демидов сообщил о состоянии после ДТП“Still alive”, wrote Alexander, putting the happy smiley face.

By the way, one of the resources has reported another motorist who witnessed the violation Demidov rules of the road. The man explained the situation and made a recording from the DVR. The incident occurred on the capital’s ring road.

“In the rear mirror I see how my lane pretty quickly approaching a white jeep. Assess the situation and realize that to beat me he will not work, as I quickly catch the car in the left lane from me. Thought and switched on his thoughts. A second later, you hear a sharp blow, throwing me to the right, a white jeep out into the sunset. In General, it is quite ordinary situation. Spitting after the jeep stops at the emergency gang, download a recording from Regina, cause GAI. Two hours later comes the outfit. I gave them the circumstances of the incident, said the number of car, its make and model,” says the user.

Check the number of the vehicle, traffic police said the driver of the car that the jeep belongs to Alexander Demidov. According to the man, the intruder came in contact with him, although he tried to get in touch with him via social media. The participant of road accident claims that after this, the actor has deleted all footage of your car on Twitter and closed the account.