Alexander Bujnov was deprived of the license because of a woman

Александра Буйнова лишили водительских прав из-за женщины The singer got into trouble. Alexander Buinov admitted that he has no regrets. The musician, known for his passion for adventure, went out for his official vehicle and was severely punished for daring deed.

Singer Alexander Buinov, celebrated in March this year, his 67th birthday, and despite its age, remains a favorite of women, the ringleader in the companies and the person next to you anyone certainly will not be bored. Alexander Buinov has noted the birthday in the company of gorgeous women

During his service in the army of Alexander Buynov has got into trouble because of his passionate love. It was in Altai region. The future of the famous singer got married for the first time, he was twenty years old, and his fiancee of two years less.

“I was young and ready for hooligan actions, – says Alexander Buinov. – In order to ride goodbye to his wife, used his official car GAS. It was at a very brutal prison, he served there a long time and was deprived of his driving license. But nothing to regret”.

This marriage Bujnov was fleeting. Soon, the musician has turned his attention to the girl Ludmila, who brought him a daughter Julia.

I must say that ladies always answered Alexander Buynova back, because for them he was ready for the most seemingly unbelievable and crazy things, even if they threatened him with trouble. The artist does not hide that often fond of women, including older than him. “I have had such mesalliance, – confessed Alexander Buinov. And still I like older women or my age. But it is provided if they remained “raisins”. But if a woman failed to save, then no amount of surgery will make her attractive.”

The love of his life Alexander Buinov met in adulthood. With his wife Alena, they more than thirty years together. And this marriage became the most happy and harmonious.

“When we got married my niece, she was the ideal age for marriage – she was twenty-five years. And I was the ideal age for marriage. I was thirty-five. These are the years when the man is up on his feet and is able to give something to his woman. In my opinion, the ideal age”, – shared Alexander Buinov in an interview

Now Buinova live in a large hospitable house, in which often going to friends. Alena was great with my daughter husband from his second marriage Julia and considers her three children, their grandchildren. Alexander Buinov has a reputation as the consummate grandfather. He doted of a grandson and granddaughters Sasha-twins Sophia and Dasha.