Nargiz Zakirova said oaths at the election of the producer

Наргиз Закирова ответила бранью на критику продюсера The actress entered the fray in the social network. After the victory in the nomination “Best rock artist” on MUZ TV fans have flattered Nargis, leaving her congratulations in the comments to pictures from the ceremony. However, there were also those who believed that the singer is not worthy of this award.
Наргиз Закирова ответила бранью на критику продюсера

Three days Nargiz Zakirova receiving congratulations on another triumph. The actress won the award for “Best rock artist” and won the plate of the channel MUZ-TV. The star shared pictures with the award at pages in social networks. Most members of the celebrity left her congratulations and admire her talent, but the true connoisseurs of rock decided that she was not worthy of such a prize.

Producer Konstantin Boklevsky, specializing in working with artists of different genres, left the post of outrage on the personal page. The man said that could not identify myself as a avid rockers, and engaged musicians, as he put it, referring to the “mainstream”. This victory Nargis in the category of one of the most prestigious music awards of the country a lot surprised him.

“The winner in the category “Best rock artist” award of MUZ-TV became aunt Nargis … Officially congratulate all of us with the end of rock music in this country,” said the man.
Наргиз Закирова ответила бранью на критику продюсера

Some familiar Constantine supported his point of view, but there were those who staged a heated debate on Facebook of the author. Producer of “Technology” Roman Ryabtsev, entered into fierce polemics with Boglevsky figuring out what is rock music in his understanding. However, the entry of Constantine also has not gone unnoticed by the winner. Nargis left a sharp comment, do not hesitate in expressions of their emotions. She hinted that Boglevsky sits without work, and so criticizes her work. Seeing the reaction of the actress, netizens were shocked by her tactlessness.

Nargiz Zakirova spoke harshly about the “Battle of psychics”

“Abomination,” “What a disgrace”, “I for you now, suddenly ashamed,” “was a better opinion about it”, “What artist, so, apparently, and rock,” wrote in the comments to the statement Nargis.

The artist no longer had disputes with online critics. She sincerely thanked those people who all support and help to create.

“You gave me a gigantic, immense white wings, woven out of love and with the incredible force of goodness and light! You have brought happiness to me and my desired music. I bow to the ground for the recognition and faith! For the vast sincere feelings, which you gratuitously bestow me continually”, – such treatment left the star of the show “the Voice” on the page in a social network.