Alexander Buinov was presented to the audience granddaughters-twins

Александр Буйнов представил публике внучек-двойняшек
10-year-old Daria and Sophia made her debut on the catwalk.

Alexander Buinov with his granddaughter and the bride of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: Instagram

At the next international fashion week in Moscow Alexander Buinov appeared in the company of two charming young ladies. The audience is first decided that the singer just supports the endeavors of some young talents, and it turned out that this is a native granddaughter, people’s artist of Russia!

Dasha and Sonya, which this year turns 10 years old, girls grow creative: dance, sing, draw… Apparently, they passed on the talent of their famous grandfather. The girls ‘ mother Julia, Buynova daughter from his second marriage, did not link his life with the scene, but Daria and Sofia seems to want to be famous. In this way, can help their name — Bujnova. The girls ‘ father is Spanish, and since they live in Russia, in a family Council it was decided that they will carry the maiden name of their mother.

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