Alexander Kuznetsov openly spoke about the fight against cancer

Александр Кузнецов откровенно рассказал о борьбе с раком The famous actor discovered the cancer in stage three. In the process of healing from the terrible disease Alexander Kuznetsov tried both traditional and non-traditional methods.

      Александр Кузнецов откровенно рассказал о борьбе с раком

      Well-known artist Alexander Kuznetsov viewers by starring in the Comedy “Jack Vosmerkin – “American”. Success in Hollywood did not prevent the star to make a career in Russia. An actor for many years lives in two countries, is in excellent physical shape and with a positive look towards the future. The terrible disease with which Kuznetsov is already a year and a half, it seems, is in retreat. Alexander for the first time openly spoke about the difficulties he had to face on the road to recovery.

      The first symptoms of cancer the artist felt during the film festival in Bulgaria. “On his return to Moscow after the test I received a terrible diagnosis – cancer of prostate. Somewhere second or third stage. Naturally, terribly frightened! Because no adverse symptoms that could cause concern for life is not experienced. It was a very serious – cancer cells have already reached beyond the prostate. So I offered to do emergency surgery,” said Alexander.

      According to Kuznetsov, surgery resulted in a complication in the abdominal cavity was closed the blood vessel, and formed a large hematoma. Had to do another surgery and then radiation therapy. Meanwhile, the results of the doctors ‘ efforts were not entirely encouraging. The disease continued to develop. About unhappiness Alexander knew only the closest people.

      “I was terribly troubled by the question: where in the body this could appear? All my life I felt healthy, eating right, almost never ate meat, and for 43 years was actively engaged in yoga. The answer of the experts was a surprise – a cancer formed as a result of excess male hormone testosterone. It turns out that the excess sexual energy as bad impact on the male body, as its not enough”, – said the artist.

      It should be noted that Kuznetsov wasn’t going to give up. He began to look for unconventional methods to cure the disease and learned about a healer, which is located in Brazil. John of God, the so-called spiritual guru, advises those who come to him with their troubles, completely free of charge. He then offers to undergo spiritual healing. Alexander trusted John and was pleased with the results of treatment. The actor began to feel much better.

      “On my last audit, John said that the recovery process is very positive, but we need to return to it again, – said Kuznetsov in an interview with “Express newspaper”. – Flying from Brazil, felt great. But the fears were still. On his return to Moscow immediately passed the blood test. The results exceeded all expectations. On 17 February, before leaving for Brazil, the rate of 18,46 DOG was, and now he was reduced to 8.58 (in a healthy organism it needs to be less than 4). So life goes on”.

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